10 Underrated Horror Miniseries from the Last 10 Years

The rise of streaming platforms has not only led to a transformation in traditional dramas, but also set the stage for limited series to tell a complete story like no other. The contained narrative experience offered by the miniseries format is often more satisfying than 22-episode, multi-season TV shows. The horror genre, in particular, has utilized the structure to a mesmerizing effect.

While creators like Mike Flanagan have rightfully received acclaim for The Haunting of Hill House, which premiered on Netflix in 2020 and was followed by an also-excellent expansion in the form of Bly Manor, there are several other horror miniseries that have flown under the radar in the last 10 years or so. Without committing to lengthy runs, these titles deliver just as much suspense, novel concepts, and delightful scares, as any other franchise.

Horror fans already know of the thrill that awaits them in the form of mysteries and monsters. And when a limited series heightens the tension before resolving it, they find themselves completely enveloped by the story. So, for those seeking more underrated gems, this list has 10 horror miniseries from the last 10 years that are definitely worth checking out.

10 Over the Garden Wall (2014)

Released as a 10-episode miniseries on Cartoon Network, Over the Garden Wall is an adventurous fantasy horror that follows two brothers – Wirt and Gregory – as they become lost in a mysterious forest called the Unknown. As night falls, the boys encounter strange creatures like a talking bluebird and later, a woodsman. They also walk past places filled with supernatural secrets. With the help of unlikely companions, they try to find their way back home.

An Understated Animated Gem

While primarily aimed at children and families, Over the Garden Wall manages to tell an exquisite story. It has some dark subtexts that come alive through the fantasy world of the Unknown. Richly detailed, this world features enchanting folklore-inspired characters brought to life with the help of gorgeous animation. Played by Elijah Wood, Wirt is a complex protagonist but cares deeply for his younger brother, played by Colin Dean. Although brief, Over the Garden Wall still intrigues fans. Stream on Hulu.

9 Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021)

Adapted from a novel of the same name by Todd Grimson, Brand New Cherry Flavor is a horror drama series directed by Nick Antosca for Netflix. Set against the glitzy backdrop of 1990s Los Angeles, it centers around an aspiring film director named Lisa Nova, who arrives in the city carrying big dreams and hopes. But after a director stabs her in the back, Lisa seeks revenge in the most surreal and nightmarish ways. Her horrifying tools include supernatural kittens, hit men, and a mysterious tattoo artist.

Not For the Faint of Heart

Antosca creates a truly haunting and creative viewing experience with Brand New Cherry Flavor. By giving her strong feminist lead a purpose, he churns a story that is unafraid and subversively weird. Currently a standout in the horror genre, the miniseries also features crazy designs, extreme violence, and some truly unsettling storytelling aspects.

Rosa Salazar is captivating as Lisa and she never stops surprising the audience. While it is not for all tastes and certainly not for the faint of heart, the miniseries is a must-watch. Stream on Netflix.

8 Lisey’s Story (2021)

Adapted for the small screens by Pablo Larraín from a 2006 novel written by Stephen King, Lisey’s Story is a thematically rich and substantially heavy horror miniseries. It tells the story of Lisey Landon, whose famous fiction author husband, Scott Landon, died two years ago. While going through his belongings, Lisey is forced to face the shocking realities of his life and their marriage and rehash memories she had long repressed and forgotten.

Stays True to the Source Material

Lisey’s Story takes notes from a source material that is considered King’s weakest by many. And yet, by tackling profound themes like loss, marriage, and the essence of creativity, it creates an atmosphere of slow-burn psychological horror like no other. Julianne Moore gives an admirable and deeply touching lead performance as a woman grappling with grief in a realistic way.

Moreover, the meditative pacing of the story allows her to shine in a new light. As for the horror elements, Lisey’s Story has a treasure hunt and a stalker to keep you hooked. Stream on Apple TV+.

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7 The Enfield Haunting (2015)

The Enfield Haunting takes place in 1970s London, where single mother Peggy Hodgson lives with her children in a council house in Enfield. Shortly after they move in, 11-year-old Janet begins experiencing paranormal phenomena and tries very hard to make everyone believe her.

After a local investigation captures the same on camera, more officials take notice. Soon, a high-profile investigation led by paranormal researcher Maurice Grosse is launched to get to the bottom of the poltergeist activity.

Retells a Brilliant Paranormal Story

Based on Guy Lyon Playfair’s book, This House Is Haunted, this horror miniseries stands out from the rest of the titles on his list because it is drawn from actual case files. It brings frightening authenticity to the genre by retelling a family’s harrowing experiences.

Rather than just relying on cheap jump scares, The Enfield Haunting focuses on the gray areas of paranormal investigations and tries to evoke emotion within the viewers. Timothy Spall is remarkable as the lead investigator, with BAFTA-winning Juliet Stevenson delivering a memorable supporting turn as his wife. Stream on Prime Video.

6 Remember Me (2014)

A three-part mystery series written by Gwyneth Hughes, Remember Me begins with an elderly Tom Parfitt done with his monotonous lifestyle. In order to escape to a care home, he fakes a fall from his terraced Yorkshire home. Soon after Tom’s arrival at the care home, strange instances begin occurring – like the social worker who moved him gets thrown from a window. When Tom himself disappears one day, his care assistant uncovers disturbing secrets about his past.

Twisted Tale of Horror

Sometimes, all you need is a simple ghost story with a good number of chills and brilliant performances to satiate your appetite for horror. Remember Me is one of those series that keep you unnerved and guessing from start to finish.

It achieves that through clever misdirection and genuine intrigue. While the focus on atmosphere really makes every episode more psychological and immersive, Michael Palin, who plays Tom Parfitt, is the main attraction. He embodies the complex character with the utmost finesse and determination. Stream on Tubi TV.

5 The Kettering Incident (2016)

Taking an unassuming murder mystery premise to stranger lengths, The Kettering Incident takes place in a dreary mining town. Anna Macy was just fourteen when she was cycling through forbidden forests with her best friend Gillian, when suddenly, after spotting strange lights in the sky, Gillian disappeared. Fifteen years later, Anna returns to Kettering and her arrival leads to the disappearance of another local girl named Chloe. Determined to unwind the paranoia, she confronts the darkness that has taken hold of her town.

Sends Chills Down Your Spine

Co-written and created by Victoria Madden and Vincent Sheehan, this eight-episode miniseries draws influence from several horror classics and reinvents itself as an utterly compelling mix of chills and cultural lore.

Elizabeth Debicki gives an astounding performance as Anna, a woman so haunted by her past that she is pushed to her breaking point. The series also thrives on its scenic setting, which is truly breathtaking and fascinating. The unease builds slowly and challenges the viewers’ perspective. Definitely underrated, The Kettering Incident should be on your watchlist. Stream on Hoopla.

4 Room 207 (2022)

Set entirely within a remote motel, the series follows the mysterious events that occur in the life of people who checked into “Room 207.” Despite the horrors that have infested themselves in the room and the fact that few who stay there manage to escape, the owner insisted the room remain as it is. When the series protagonist Jamal Al-Sawaf is appointed as the receptionist and hears of the room, instead of sticking to his job, he becomes obsessed with discovering the truth.

A Nightmare Within Four Walls

Room 207 may not have a gloriously novel premise, but its treatment is what makes the miniseries so intelligent and terrifying. Filmed on a micro-budget and with creative camerawork, the 10-episode series is testament to the fact that horror can be evoked from any setting or production scale.

From the incredible acting to the details like the room’s capacity to repair itself after every horror, the series unpacks new terrors and stays open-ended throughout. Considering the fact that it is adapted from a novel written by Ahmed Khalid Tawfeek, it is safe to say Room 207 is a risk that paid off.

3 Witches of Salem (2019)

Witches of Salem is a chilling four-part docudrama that chronicles a town’s overnight descent into madness. Set in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, it begins with Reverend Samuel Parris’ daughter, Betty, experiencing fits. When the same symptoms are displayed by other local girls, fingers point to a servant named Tituba. A treacherous witch hunt is carried out, accusations are flown, and innocent lives are taken as truth is brought to light.

Relies on Real Facts and Interviews

What makes Witches of Salem so masterful and realistic is the fact that it uses original transcripts from the trials and interviews with historians and writers to retell the tragic events and demonic possessions at the time.

By creating the same unsettling atmosphere, it brings the genuine environment of 17th century New England to life and finds humanity in both the victim and the assailant. Strong leads like Sylvain Plasse, Kayla Jo Farris, Elle Ryann Mcadam make the period accurate horror miniseries more terrifying. Stream on Fubo TV.

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2 Residue (2015)

Written by John Harrison and directed by Alex Garcia Lopez, Residue is a Netflix limited series that blends elements of science fiction with supernatural horror. It centers around Jennifer Preston, a photojournalist. After an explosion at an English futuristic metropolis nightclub, Jennifer arrives at the quarantined site to take some photographs. However, after developing them, she spots phantoms in the pictures. To discover the truth, she dives deeper into layers and layers of mystery.

Despite starting off as a grade-A neon-drenched supernatural drama, Residue manages to reinvent itself as a chilling slow-burn series by leaning into the “less is more” approach that several horror projects end up neglecting. Adding an element of government conspiracy and unexplained phenomena enhances its atmosphere of horror and mystery as well. In just three episodes, Residue becomes a delightful and underseen horror miniseries. Stream on The Roku Channel.

1 Dracula (2020)

Primetime Emmy Award-winners Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat lend their talents to bring Bram Stoker’s novel and his beloved characters to the small screen in grand fashion. In the limited series, Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania and meets Count Dracula with the intention of closing a property sale. However, what Harker faces is horrifying beyond his imagination.

A Sumptuous and Dark Adaptation

Claes Bang sinister and seductive Dracula steals the spotlight in this sumptuous period production. Not only does the series pay homage to Stoker’s original text, but it also adds new dramatic layers to the character of Dracula. It brings to light the Gothic horrors caused by Dracula as well as his psychological vulnerability.

Overall, Dracula combines the frightening elements of a classic tale with modern sensibilities and proves that some stories are simply timeless. Stream on Netflix.


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