Best Beyonce Songs

From hits that owned the radio to empowerment anthems that stopped the world, and much more

For at least the past decade, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has been the world’s greatest living entertainer. Who else can annihilate complex dance routines and maintain pristinely powerhouse vocals for packed stadiums the way she does? Who else can so thoroughly dominate news cycles with impeccable and innovative surprise albums? Who else has produced music films and video anthologies as compelling and imaginative? Her combination of showmanship, skill, creative vision, and influence is unmatched by her contemporary peers. 

And, of course, the foundation of Beyoncé’s incredible oeuvre is the music, and her uncanny ability to write, produce, curate, and perform it. Her songs are pop masterpieces, gorgeous and diverse, with several becoming cultural touchstones, from the unmistakable shimmy of “Crazy in Love” to the wiggling hand of “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).” To honor her historic run, we’ve compiled and ranked 70 of Beyoncé’s greatest tracks as a solo artist – including a few prominent features.

The list was originally published in 2022 to celebrate the release of ‘Renaissance.’ We’ve updated it for the arrival of ‘Cowboy Carter.’ Her vision keeps expanding, her history only gets richer and deeper. Bow down. 


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