Chucky Creator Reveals He is Working on a New Child’s Play Movie: ‘Whatever Keeps Me Working’


  • Chucky
    creator Don Mancini promises more deadly doll fun, teasing a new movie in the works.
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    reveals a new side of the iconic killer doll, raising the stakes and captivating fans.
  • With a legacy spanning 40 years, Chucky continues to terrify audiences while hinting at a bright future.

Chucky creator Don Mancini has already pushed the Child’s Play franchise further than anyone believed it could go, but he is already planning the killer doll’s next movie return. As the third season of Chucky heads to its close, Mancini revealed to the Scream Dream podcast that the character’s story isn’t going to end just yet if he can help it.


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October 12, 2021


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The TV series Chucky has been a horrific bundle of joy for fans of the near-40-year-old franchise, bringing back several key characters from the history of the saga and crafting a whole new playground for the Chuckster. As the second part of Season 3 prepares to debut on SyFy and USA Network, Manchini has teased there is even more to come. He said:

“I mean, you know like anyone in this business I want to do more things I like, but I mean at this point though, if it’s only Chucky, I’m totally cool with that. I would have other things I want to do. I’m working on a new pilot. I’m also actually in the early stages of working on a new Chucky movie. Like, at this point my goal is just to keep working. Whatever keeps me working.”

Starting in 1988, Chucky became a cultural icon, a “video nasty” pariah, and a horror movie legend, all under the watching eye of Mancini. Discounting the 2019 reboot, Chucky has appeared in seven movies to-date, the last being Cult of Chucky in 2017. Now it seems that an eighth movie could be heading our way some time soon.

Chucky Season 3 is Taking The Doll to the Top

Chucky Season 3 Part 2 Aged Chucky 2-1

Season 3 of Chucky was split into two parts due to the 2023 strikes, with the first four episodes of the season airing in October 2023, and the new episodes kicking off on April 10.

The recently released trailer finds Chucky in a state he has never been seen before – as an aging, wrinkled, and dying doll. Having worked his way into the White House, we last saw Chucky facing his mortality – something that seemed to be the least likely thing for a soul trapped in the body of a plastic toy.

After seeing the all-powerful deity Dambala turn its back on him, despite his elaborate and bloody White House sacrifice, Chucky’s outlook seems to be pretty bleak as the new season continues, but that is surprisingly not good news for Jake (Zackary Arthur), Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson) and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), who need the doll to help find Lexy’s missing sister. Throw in Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) still languishing on Death Row for her many crimes, and there are many lives hanging in the balance as Season 3 concludes.


Why Chucky/Child’s Play Is One of the Best Slasher Franchises

While other slasher icons have tarnished their reputations over the years, Chucky’s surprising consistency has allowed him to outshine them all.

Whether the series will continue beyond its third season, or will instead lead into the new movie Mancini has revealed he is working on, is something that we don’t yet know. However, it is clear that fans still have a lot of love for Chucky and his murderous ways, and there is no doubt that a new movie would continue that strange love affair a little longer.

is available to stream on Peacock. New Episodes begin airing on April 10 on SyFy and USA Network.


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