Civil War Star Says Dystopian Action Movie ‘Will Spark a Conversation’ That ‘Needs to Be Had’


  • Civil War
    sparks crucial conversations on America’s future and the consequences of our actions amidst elections and division, says Jojo T. Gibbs.
  • The dystopian action film, directed by Alex Garland, follows military-embedded journalists racing against rebel factions.
  • Actor Jojo T. Gibbs praises co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Wagner Moura’s performances, highlighting director Garland’s work ethic.

In an exclusive interview with MovieWeb, Civil War star Jojo T. Gibbs discussed working on the dystopian action movie and believes that it will spark an important conversation amid elections and ongoing division. According to Gibbs, movies like Civil War “need to be made” with the story of a broken America forcing audiences to “consider what the consequences of our actions.”

“I think Civil War will spark a conversation, especially with, you know, we’ve got elections coming up, there’s a lot going on in the world right now. There’s so many things that need to be discussed and hard conversations that need to be had. Yeah, it’ll make us consider what the consequences of our actions may potentially be. I think that these types of films need to be made, because they start conversations. We’ve got to talk as a country and as a community.”

Written and directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Men), Civil War takes audiences on a journey across a dystopian future America, following a team of military-embedded journalists as they race against time to reach DC before rebel factions descend upon the White House.

Civil War Is Due to Land in Theaters Next Month

Civil War

Release Date
April 26, 2024

A24, DNA Films

During the interview, Gibbs also revealed what it was like working with Alex Garland and the cast, which includes Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny, and Nick Offerman, on the movie, which has already been met with critical acclaim.

“Kirsten [Dunst] and Wagner [Moura] were incredible on set. First of all, I [love] Bring It On, of course, but I didn’t even bring that up to her. It took everything in me not to say, you know, ‘I loved you in Bring It On!’ Because I’m sure she has heard that 1000 times. But she was so sweet on set, and Wagner, watching them perform and watching them go from relaxed and then transforming into these characters, I learned a lot, a great deal. Also, Alex Garland, the director, he’s just so magnificent and just like a work horse on set. It’s been so interesting watching him and then going to work with Luc as well, because they’re very different. Luc is very organized and meticulous, he has a book, he has a plan, because they were very different films as well, we were shooting action scenes. Alex felt very spontaneous, which is also incredible. So, to be able to work with both of those types of directors was amazing.”


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Civil War debuted at SXSW earlier this month, and was met with praise from those in attendance. “Watching it, one can’t help but feel how close we are to this actually happening, making it a MUST SEE to stop it before it actually does,” says one critic, with another describing the movie as “Alex Garland doing Nolan-esque scale while showing his flare for propulsion.”

Starring Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Jesse Plemons, and Nick Offerman
Civil War
is scheduled to be released in theaters on April 12, 2024.


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