Every Movie on Netflix in April 2024

Netflix is known for offering a slew of original films every month, and the forthcoming options for April are no different. One film in particular is undoubtedly at the top of the list for fans of Zack Snyder. Although no matter what genre of movies a viewer might prefer, they’re sure to find something worth watching on the streaming platform next month.

While many movies next month will require subtitles or a dubbed version, there are still plenty of films every Netflix subscriber will likely enjoy. From romantic comedies and dramas to a true-crime documentary, as well as an epic action follow-up to a Netflix original released late last year, viewers surely won’t be disappointed with what the streaming service has to offer.

Zero to Hero (Rodeio Rock)

Stream on Apr. 3

Zero to Hero (Rodeio Rock) is a Brazilian romantic comedy about a wannabe rock star, Hero (Lucas Lucco), who secretly replaces his sertanejo doppelgänger, Sandro Sanderlei, after a botched liposuction surgery lands the famous singer in a coma. As his team works to keep his condition under wraps, his lookalike assumes his role.

When the new Sandro encounters an old flame of the singer’s, Lulli (Carla Diaz), sparks between the two begin to fly in unexpected ways. However, because of how the old Sandro treated her, Lulli isn’t as keen about a possible romance, given she’s unaware the new Sandro is a different person. Zero to Hero (Rodeio Rock) is streaming on Netflix on Apr. 3.


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The Tearsmith

Stream on Apr. 4

Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Erin Doom, The Tearsmith is an Italian language film that follows Nica (Caterina Ferioli) and Rigel (Simone Baldasseroni), two teenagers who are adopted together after experiencing a tough childhood in the same orphanage.

United through their previous traumas and pain, the pair find it impossible to live with one another but cannot deny the inextricable emotional forces that pull them toward each other. Although both fear the vulnerability of allowing someone to love them for who they truly are, they also realize it might be possible for them to do so together. The Tearsmith is streaming on Netflix on Apr. 4.


Stream on Apr. 5

Inspired by the real events, Scoop details how the women of BBC Newsnight, Emily Maitlis (Gillian Anderson), Sam McAlister (Billie Piper), and Esme Wren (Romola Garai), were able to secure an interview with Prince Andrew following the revelations about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

The film also stars Rufus Sewell as Prince Andrew and Keeley Hawes as Amanda Thirsk, Prince Andrew’s former private secretary and top aide. In what served as the catalyst for the public downfall of Prince Andrew, the interview was deemed “the scoop of the decade.” The film aims to detail how such an interview ultimately came to fruition behind the scenes. Scoop is streaming on Netflix on Apr. 5.


Scoop (2024)

Release Date
April 5, 2024

Philip Martin

102 Minutes

What Jennifer Did

Stream on Apr. 10

What Jennifer Did is a true-crime documentary that delves into the actions of a Canadian woman named Jennifer Pan and the violent crime involving her family that ultimately shocked her small town. After an apparent robbery in which her parents are both shot and her mother is killed, Jennifer calls 911, seemingly distraught. However, she quickly becomes a prime suspect as aspects of her life come to light. After the extent of her web of lies is revealed, Jennifer is no longer considered an innocent bystander who narrowly escaped with her life. What Jennifer Did is streaming on Netflix on Apr. 10.


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Love, Divided

Stream on Apr. 12

A Spanish-language romantic comedy, Love, Divided follows Valentina (Aitana) and David (Fernando Guallar), who live in different apartments next to one another with only a thin wall separating them. She is a young pianist who is preparing for an audition, and he is a game inventor who is only able to work in complete silence. As they each do their best to finish their respective work, they quickly realize the thin wall has created a problem. However, what begins as an annoyance for both of them might actually be a matchmaker as they attempt to learn to live in harmony with one another. Love, Divided is streaming on Netflix on Apr. 12.

Rebel Moon: Part Two: The Scargiver

Stream on Apr. 19

Directed by Zack Snyder, Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver is the epic sci-fi action follow-up to Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire that debuted on Netflix in December 2023. Given the conclusion of the first film, Kora (Sofia Boutella) and the rest of the surviving warriors are now preparing for war against the forces of the Motherworld.

Alongside their newly formed alliances, Kora and Gunnar (Michiel Huisman) work with the people of Veldt to train them in the ways of fighting so they might have a chance to defeat the nefarious forces of the Realm. As the rebellion takes hold, heroes will be made, and legends will be born as unbreakable bonds are forged. Hopefully, the second film will redeem the franchise. Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver is streaming on Netflix on Apr. 19.

City Hunter

Stream on Apr. 25

A Japanese language film, City Hunter follows a private investigator and hopeless playboy named Ryo Saeba (Ryohei Suzuki). Keen on the shadowy underworld of modern-day Tokyo, Ryo spends the majority of his time balancing his exuberant personal life with the seedy dynamics of his city.

After a slew of mysterious deaths occur, Saeko Nogami (Fumino Kimura), a local police detective, enlists the help of Ryo and his partner, Hideyuki Makimura (Masanobu Andô). However, when his partner is murdered during their investigation, Ryo reluctantly teams up with Kaori (Misato Morita), Hideyuki’s sister, in order to uncover the truth about what’s really happening. City Hunter is streaming on Netflix on Apr. 25.

For a complete list of every Netflix original movie coming in April 2024, check the list below.

Apr. 3

Apr. 4

Apr. 5

Apr. 10

Apr. 12

  • A Journey
  • Amar Singh Chamkila
  • Love, Divided
  • Stolen
  • Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp

Apr. 19

  • Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver

Apr. 25

Apr. 29


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