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The Renaissance era may be over, but with Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé‘s first full-length plunge into country music is sure to give us all something to “yeehaw” about. To kick off the hoedown, you can gift your fellow Beyoncé fan’s country act with something special, or just treat yourself to some goodies off the boot heels of her latest album release.

Luckily for you, the Beyhive does not play when it comes to supporting Queen Bey — we’ve seen fans (and been those fans) dropping big bucks on tickets for her Renaissance tour, but also head-to-toe themed outfits. But besides curating the rhinestone cowpolk aesthetic, we’ve seen sold out vinyl album packages, official Renaissance World Tour merch, and even a newly-released fragrance, so there’s certainly no shortage of Beyoncé gift ideas.

Don’t know where to start? Bey’s Amazon merch storefront is an easy place to grab officially-licensed tees, hoodies, hats and other Renaissance Tour merch still available right now (along with free two-day shipping with Prime, if you’re a chronic last-minute gift shopper). Want something something with more of a custom feel? There are plenty of Bey-themed gifts on Etsy and Amazon (like this coffee mug that features imagery from Act II, now Cowboy Carter).

We’ve curated a list of the best Beyoncé gifts based on top-rated products from well-trusted brands along with fan recommendations. While “this ain’t Texas”, there plenty of great Beyoncé gifts out there for your besties’ birthday or special occasions, from cowboy hats to Cécred hair products, bee-shaped jewelry, and more.

1. Beyoncé Official Renaissance World Tour Merch Disco Cowboy Tee


Available for $40 in a variety of sizes, this Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour T-shirt features the Grammy-winner in her disco cowboy hat riding the translucent horse from the Renaissance album cover (and tour). The shirt comes in a roomy, oversized unisex fit, complete with a list of the tour cities on the back of the tee.

2. Stetson Straw Cowboy Hat


Queen B herself wore structured felt cowboy hats on tour (which are Stetson, by the way), but this easygoing Stetson straw version is a more casual option for everyday wear. Whether you tip your hat up at the beach, the cookout, or on the dance floor, you’ll be channeling Cowboy Carter style.

3. Beyoncé Act II Cowboy Carter Mug


Sip like Bey herself with this fan-made mug featuring iconic imagery from the Act II teasers before we even had the Cowboy Carter album title! So if you need someone who needs some drink in their cup, this mug will have them sipping coffee or tea (or anything else) and feeling like a boss.

4. Cowboy Carter Vinyl Edition


While we’re sure they’ve already been listening to Cowboy Carter on repeat since its release, with this “Bead Face” cover edition, they’ll get all the visuals that came along with that era, too. This vinyl releases on April 12 and includes the singles “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ’Em”. The latter hit made history with Beyoncé as the first Black woman ever to top Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

5. Dezi Booked 52mm Rectangular Sunglasses


Dezi is a Latina-founded brand that has been seen on plenty of artists since 2020, including Usher, Lil Wayne, and now Beyoncé. These stylish Bey-worn sunnies make a great lowkey gift if don’t want to go full head-to-toe Renaissance merch for their look. The oval lenses and rectangular frames offer a sleek look that’s sure to become their go-to pair.

6. Beyoncé Official Renaissance World Tour Sticker Pack


This official Renaissance tour pack comes with 16 stickers featuring eye-catching images of Bey from songs like “Alien Superstar”, “Cuff It”, and “Cozy”. The best part is that they can either frame the stickers to make a unique piece of decor, or just slap them on their emotional support water bottle to keep the energy going into her next era.

7. Kilian Paris Angels Share Eau De Parfum


Beyoncé was seen shopping Kilian Paris Angels Share before she started developing her own Cé Noir fragrance. If they want to smell like Queen Bey herself (without the royal price tag) gift them the rollerball travel size of this warm and sweet gourmand scent with notes of cognac, Tonka bean, and sandalwood with a praline and vanilla finish.

8. Beyoncé Official Renaissance World Tour Merch Sweatpants


If you want to get them something cozy, Beyoncé’s Amazon Music exclusive merch launch also included both a pair of these oversized heavyweight cotton sweatpants which are perfect for lounging. The pants come in a range of sizes and include a subtle “Renaissance World Tour” printed on one side of the leg, which is nice if they want something a little less flashy to show off their Queen B devotion.

9. Telfar Small Shopping Bag


“This Telfar bag imported,” Beyoncé sang on “Summer Renaissance”. “Birkins? Them shit’s in storage.” Any Bey fan would be obsessed with having their own “Bushwick Birkin”, but if you don’t want to brave the drops or wait weeks to buy this coveted handbag, this purple colorway is available now on Amazon Prime.

10. Little Golden Book: Beyonce: A Little Golden Book Biography


If they’re not only a Queen B, but a Mama B, then this illustrated biography is perfect for any moms who want to get their little ones started early. Meant for the youngest members of the Beyhive, this picture book follows Beyoncé’s rise to fame, from starting out in Destiny’s Child, to becoming an (alien) superstar.

11. Zoe Lev 14k Gold Bee Stud Earrings

Zoe Lev

Crafted by sustainable, LA-based jewelry brand Zoe Lev, these chic and dainty 14k yellow gold bee stud earrings make the perfect splurge-worthy gift for the bougiest Beyoncé fans. Looking for a more budget-friendly alternative? These playful bumble bee studs from Amazon remind us of her iconic honey bee RWT costume.

12. Expression Tees Heated Hand Fan


Now this is a fan that’ll make you go “yada, yada, yada, bom-bom, kah-kah!” This one’s for the true fans who were heated when they couldn’t find any official “Heated” hand fans on the merch table during the Renaissance tour — hence, gift this endlessly clappable version from Amazon so they can put on their own performance.

13. Makeup Masterclass with Sir John


Celebrity makeup artist Sir John, who has beat the face of the Queen herself, has been Beyoncé’s long-time collaborator — and now you can gift them a lesson from the master. This Masterclass program will help them transform their makeup skills, build a skincare routine, and learn three of Sir John’s most sought-after looks: the “No-Makeup” look, the “Everyday” look, and the “Icon” look. Right now, MasterClass has also discounted its yearly subscription rate 15%, which brings the price down on its annual billing to $108 for the Individual plan.

14. Beyoncé Official Renaissance World Tour Merch On Air Hat


This is the original IYKYK hat for folks that attended the tour itself (or watched the Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé in theaters). The dad hat is perfect for the queen that needs a break from their crowd, and features a double-sided print, the same one found on the tour graphic tee and On Air hoodie.

15. Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith’s Rosebud Salve


While I’m not sure we’ll ever get Beyoncé’s full skincare routine, even back as early as 2011 Beyoncé has confirmed that she used Smith’s Rosebud Salve to wear with her lipstick and even prime her lashes before curling. Your giftee will appreciate having this little piece of Bey history as a part of their daily routine.

16. Scandinordica Disco Ball Planter


The entire summer of RWT was disco ball and chrome everything as far as the eyes could see. For the friend who still wants a little bit of club Renaissance energy in their home, this sparkly disco ball planter makes the perfect gift.

17. Beyoncé Official Renaissance World Tour Merch Summer T-Shirt


Category: Bey, and you’ll score 10s across the board with this t-shirt gift from the Renaissance tour. This breathable cotton tee cost $20 (less than at your average concert merch booth!) and has that Cowboy Carter-esque design that’ll come in the clutch for Act II.

18. Everybody On Mute Patch


The “look around, everybody on mute” part of RWT definitely challenged some cities’ ability to shut their mouths, but it did give us some iconic moments. Relive that moment with this patch that’ll help remind others not to disturb your giftee when it’s not necessary.

19. On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray


If your giftee needs a setting spray that will keep their whole look as tact in tact as Bey on stage, then get them this bottle from One/Size by Patrick Starrr. Makeup artist Rokael, who has been doing Bey’s tour makeup for years now, used the spray for her Washington, DC show when there was downpour of rain, and it did not budge one bit.


20. Liberté Egalité Beyoncé


Who runs the world? Beyoncé, that’s who, and this coffee table book brings Queen Bey’s most inspiring and empowering quotes, and moments of fierceness together, along with lovely illustrations, to help you wake up feeling, well. Like this!

21. Vanilla by Diptyque Scented Candle


Who doesn’t love a good scented candle (or being gifted one)? This is something we all share with Beyoncé, who reportedly loves the “warm, sweet scent” and of this Vanilla Diptyque candle. “I have a lot of Diptyque candles around the house,” the artist once told InStyle.



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