Imelda Staunton Reveals the Final Film is Under Way


  • Imelda Staunton confirms
    Downton Abbey
    ‘s final film, putting rumors to rest and setting the stage for a grand finale.
  • With filming underway and secrets tightly guarded, fans can expect surprises and closure from the final chapter.
  • Elizabeth McGovern reflects on her time with
    Downton Abbey
    , highlighting the series’ impact on her career and craft.

The world of Downton Abbey is set to return for one last cinematic outing, as confirmed by star Imelda Staunton on BBC Radio 2. The announcement puts to rest the swirling rumors and speculation, giving fans a definitive answer straight from the heart of the cast. Staunton’s nonchalant revelation, “There will be the final film – there you go,” marks the beginning of the end for the beloved series that has captivated audiences across the globe.

As excitement mounts, questions naturally arise about the storyline and how the film will bid farewell to the iconic Crawley family and their majestic estate. With the promise of closure, the narrative possibilities are endless, and fans are eager to see how the final chapter will unfold. Additionally, there is speculation about the film’s release timeline, with hopes pinned on a 2024 debut. Given the nature of the production, which typically eschews heavy visual effects, a swift turnaround from filming to release is within the realm of possibility.

The details about Downton Abbey 3 has been tightly guarded, with initial hints of a return emerging from various sources. The Daily Mail reported that filming had already commenced, with an unprecedented level of confidentiality surrounding the project. The tight-lipped approach has only fueled anticipation, with those involved in the production signing non-disclosure agreements to preserve the element of surprise. The source stated:

“Filming has been going on for a few weeks now, it is all very, very secret. There are people working on it who have never seen secrecy like it. Those working on the set have been made to sign non-disclosure agreements so that they don’t give the game away but there is a lot of excitement at the return of Downton.”

Revisiting the World of Downton Abbey with Elizabeth McGovern


The longing to revisit the Downton Abbey universe extends beyond just its fan base. Elizabeth McGovern, who portrays the Countess of Grantham, shared her affection for the series. She mused over the show’s filming process, pointing out its unique demands and advantages that fostered her development as an actor. The experience for McGovern went beyond a simple job; it was a significant milestone in her career that allowed her to thoroughly explore her craft.

“I cut my teeth in my early days doing feature films, and there’s just so much more time on a feature film, especially actors that do very well, they are so indulged. But when you do a series like ‘Downton’ nobody is indulged. You have to just get on with it. And it’s actually I think, quite healthy. So, that’s been good for me in terms of my relationship with my craft. If I can be so pretentious to use that word.”


Downton Abbey: Where the Original Cast Is Today

From Maggie Smith’s legendary legacy to Dan Stevens’ Hollywood triumphs, each cast members journey is a testament to their versatility and dedication.

As Downton Abbey 3 prepares to take its final bow, anticipation and nostalgia intertwine among fans and cast members alike. The upcoming film promises to deliver a fitting conclusion to a saga that has become iconic. The enduring legacy of Downton Abbey stands as proof of storytelling’s power to enchant viewers’ hearts and imaginations worldwide. As we await the final chapter, the saga of the Crawleys remains a cherished memory and a symbol of the timeless allure of drama and elegance.


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