Is Irish Wish Lindsay Lohan’s Comeback Movie?


  • Lohan’s career took a dramatic halt in 2007 due to personal issues, but she is making a comeback with Netflix movies like Irish Wish.
  • Despite mixed critical reviews, Lohan’s performance in Irish Wish is receiving positive feedback, showing potential for a career revival.
  • With a rumored return to Disney for a Freaky Friday sequel and interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lohan’s comeback seems promising.

Lindsay Lohan used to be one of the biggest stars in the world. Following her role in 1998’s The Parent Trap, she became a Disney legend. She was known for her roles in Disney movies like 2003’s Freaky Friday, 2004’s Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and 2005’s Herbie: Fully Loaded. She also expanded beyond the Disney company with the lead role in the critically acclaimed classic Mean Girls in 2004, and in 2006, she was in a wide range of projects like Just My Luck, Praire Home Companion, and Bobby. Combine that with a successful pop star career, and it seemed like nothing could stop her.

Yet her career took a dramatic halt around 2007 as she became the subject of tabloids, particularly after she was arrested for driving under the influence in that year. Lohan has since described herself as an addict and reportedly abused alcohol and other illegal substances, which impacted her career. Once a rising star, Lohan soon became someone no producer wanted to work with due to her personal life and public perception both on and off camera.

Many years have passed since then, and if there is one thing Hollywood loves, it is a comeback. For an audience who grew up and fondly remembers Lohan’s movies like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls, there certainly is a market for Lohan to return and ride a wave of nostalgia. Netflix has become the home for Lohan’s career return as it started with 2022’s Falling for Christmas and now has continued with 2024’s Irish Wish. Is Irish Wish the comeback of Lohan’s career?

Irish Wish

Release Date
March 15, 2024

Janeen Damian

Lindsay Lohan , Ed Speleers , Alexander Vlahos , Ayesha Curry , Elizabeth Tan , Jacinta Mulcahy , Jane Seymour , Matty McCabe

93 Minutes

Kirsten Hansen

Riviera Films , Wild Atlantic Pictures


Irish Wish Is A Hit With Audience (But A Miss With Critics)

Irish Wish premiered on Netflix on March 15, 2024, just two days before St. Patrick’s Day. The movie follows Maddie Kelly (Lohan), a book editor who is in love with Paul Kennedy (Alexander Vlahos), the author whose book she has been editing for the past year. However, before Maddie can tell Paul her feelings, he falls for Maddie’s friend Emma (Elizabeth Tan). Days away from the wedding in Ireland, a fairy grants Maddie’s wish, magically alters her fate, and turns her into the bride, which puts Maddie on a journey of self-discovery where she meets her true soulmate, a photographer named James (Ed Speleers).

Samba TV reported the film generated 1 million U.S. household views during the first 72 hours following its release, drawing 3% more than Lohan’s previous film on the streaming service, Falling For Christmas. Notably, Falling for Christmas had one of the best opening weekends for a Netflix original film in 2022, which is a good sign for Lohan. With a major increase between Falling for Christmas and Irish Wish, that makes Lohan a rising star for Netflix, as reported by Media Play News.

Now, Irish Wish did not receive the same positive critical reaction that Falling for Christmas did. Falling For Christmas received 62% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 4.8/10, while The Irish Wish had a 35% score with an average rating of 4.2/10. These reviews certainly aren’t strong by any metric, but a common element many critics liked among both films was Lohan’s performance. While the movies might not be critically well received, Lohan is at least getting positive notes, and with rising viewership between projects, there seems to be an appetite for Lohan to have a comeback truly.

2024 Is a Major Year For Lohan

2024 looks to be a major year for Lohan. Two months before Irish Wish arrived on Netflix, the Mean Girls musical hit theaters. While it might be hard to believe that there is a 20-year gap between the release of both Mean Girls films, fans were delighted when Lohan cameoed in the 2024 film and got to share a scene with Angourie Rice, the actress now playing Cady Heron, the role Lohan originated. Lohan was reportedly paid half a million dollars for her cameo, and the role was kept secret and not revealed until the premiere when Lohan showed up on the red carpet.


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Combining Mean Girls, which is both a remake of Lohan’s classic film and features a surprise cameo by her, with the arrival of Irish Wish, which is being watched by so many people, Lohan’s career seems to be on the uptick. Audiences are nostalgic for Lindsay Lohan, and that could pay off big for her as it appears she might be moving from Netflix back to the studio that made her a household name: Disney.

Lohan’s Move from Netflix to Disney Could Mark a Major Return

Freaky Friday Jamie Lee Curtis as Tess Coleman/Anna Coleman and Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman/Tess Coleman horrified after the mother and daughter switch bodies
Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Lohan has confirmed she will return for a sequel to Freaky Friday. While that film was a remake of a Disney from 1976, it is safe to say the 2003 version has become more popular and become a staple for millennials and older Gen-Z viewers. Lohan will reunite with star Jamie Lee Curtis, but no details have been given about the film or when the film will be released. It certainly feels right for Lohan to return to Disney as it is the company that made her a star.

Lohan has also expressed interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a franchise from Marvel Studios, which is a Disney subsidiary. Rumors have suggested she is set to play a “vixen-themed” superhero for Marvel, but nothing has been confirmed. It could be the live-action version of the character Tigra, or a remodeled version of Hellcat who previously appeared on Netflix’s Jessica Jones played by Rachael Taylor. While none of these rumors have been confirmed, Lohan joining the MCU would have something in common with another major comeback: Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. was also a rising star in the 1980s, but his public life made headlines more than his films due to his heavy drug use. At one point, no studio would hire him because he was uninsurable. After he sought out medical treatment, he started to turn his career around. It was 2008’s Iron Man that truly kickstarted his comeback and made him one of the biggest stars in the world, launching both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a new chapter in his career, which had paid off as Downey Jr. recently won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Oppenheimer.


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Lohan could not only use the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it is a successful franchise, and being part of it certainly raises one’s profile to a wider audience, but they might need her. The MCU is in an odd place right now, where they are not the major box office draw they used to be. Reports of Marvel’s downfall have been greatly exaggerated, but the franchise does need to find a new way to hook the audience.

Irish Wish shows that audiences miss Lohan and want her to make a comeback. Casting her in a major role in the MCU could attract viewers who might have written the franchise off. While the MCU has put an emphasis on characters over stars, sometimes a bit of star power can help gauge interest. Marvel has not introduced the X-Men into the franchise yet, so Lohan joining as either Rogue or Jean Grey or even the villainous Mystique would certainly draw in fans of Lohan and the MCU alike.

Irish Wish might not seem like a big movie in the grand scheme of things, but it could be an important building block for a successful revival of Lindsay Lohan. Mean Girls and Irish Wish arriving in the same year might be the beginning of a Lindsay Lohan Renaissance. Her next few career choices certainly will be interesting but we can say for certain, it is good to have her back. Stream on Netflix.


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