Jack Black Declares He Will Win an Oscar for Minecraft Movie



  • Jack Black’s dedication to embodying the
    experience on screen could potentially lead to an Oscar nomination.
  • The film promises a blend of talent, including Kate McKinnon and Jermaine Clement, under the direction of Jared Hess.
  • The fusion of comedy, music, and gaming in the
    movie presents a promising and memorable cinematic experience.

The highly anticipated movie adaptation of the wildly popular game Minecraft has found its unlikely champion in none other than Jack Black. Known for his dynamic performances in films like Kung Fu Panda 4, Black is now delving deep into the pixelated world of Minecraft, aiming to bring a level of uniqueness to the film that he believes could land him an Oscar.

During a recent interview with GamesRadar+, Black revealed his fervent dedication to understanding the intricacies of Minecraft. He admitted to spending considerable time playing the game when not filming, immersing himself in its unique mechanics and aesthetics. Black said:

“I like to be in that Minecraft headspace. I like to know the rules, and I like to get little, like, things like, ‘Oh, in the game you pickaxe like this. You hit stuff like that,’ then I do that in the movie. I think the members of the Academy will appreciate my research later.
I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m pretty sure I’m getting an Oscar for this one.

Minecraft, often likened to online Lego, is a game that encourages creativity and exploration. Players navigate diverse landscapes, constructing shelters, battling mobs, and gathering resources in survival mode, while creative mode offers unlimited resources and the freedom to build without constraints. Black’s commitment to replicating the game’s experience on screen, down to the specific way characters wield a pickaxe, demonstrates his desire to honor the source material and resonate with its vast fanbase.



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Even though production began in New Zealand in January, the film’s details are still being kept under wraps. Directed by Jared Hess, who previously collaborated with Black on Nacho Libre, the live-action adaptation promises an intriguing blend of talent, including Kate McKinnon, Jermaine Clement, Emma Myers, Danielle Brooks, Matt Berry, and Jennifer Coolidge. Black’s character, ‘Steve,’ is a nod to the game’s iconic default avatar, and there are hints of a musical number, a prospect that has fans buzzing with excitement.

The Promising Fusion of Comedy, Music, and Gaming in the Upcoming Minecraft Film

Jack Black in School of Rock alongside Steve in Minecraft.
Microsoft/Paramount Pictures

Danielle Brooks, famous for her performance in The Color Purple, expressed her excitement about the project, suggesting she and Black might perform musically. “You can’t do a movie with Danielle Brooks and Jack Black and not have us do something,” she remarked, echoing the anticipation for what could be a memorable cinematic experience.

As the Minecraft movie takes shape, the fusion of Jack Black’s comedic and musical talents with the beloved game’s imaginative world presents a promising venture. Whether or not Black’s Oscar aspirations come to fruition, his dedication to bringing authenticity to his role is a testament to the evolving relationship between cinema and video gaming. As these two worlds continue to intersect, the possibilities for innovative storytelling and entertainment seem boundless.



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