Kate Hudson Drops Sentimental ‘Live Forever’ Video: Watch

Kate Hudson is cherishing the highs and lows of motherhood. On Thursday, Hudson released a sweet music video to accompany her new song, “Live Forever.” In it, she sings about her son Ryder, 20, and the memories of his childhood.

“Depending on how you listen, it could be a song of first love, young love, because it has the element of being barely an adult. If that’s how it is for you, I love that,” Hudson said in a press release. “But for me, it’s about the absolutely consuming joy Ryder was for me from the moment he arrived.”

“Nothing can prepare you for a love that swallows you whole, but that’s what watching my son grow up has been for me – and when we started writing these songs, it was a feeling that absolutely had to be part of the record,” she added.

The music video features numerous sweet clips of Hudson and Ryder throughout his youth and adolescence, along with moments of him recently. It ends with Hudson tearing up after having to let him go off and be an adult.

“Our babies leave us eventually and we have to watch them go take on the world. Some of us were so young that we were trying to figure out who we were simultaneously. That’s this song for me,” she said on Instagram. “My love letter to parents and the kids waving goodbye.”

The song was co-written with Danny Fujikawa, Linda Perry, and Johan Carlsson. The track also hears Hudson discussing the complexities and struggles of being a first-time mom at a young age.


“I was so young when Ryder was born, I look back and marvel; I was almost a kid, too, so we were able to fall in love with growing up at the same time,” she said in a press release. “When you listen to the song and watch, it sweeps you up like someone’s arms around you.”

The new track follows Hudson’s first single, “Talk About Love,” ahead of an album she plans to release this fall. According to the release, Hudson took inspiration from Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Madonna, and Joni Mitchell when creating the record.


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