Kylie Jenner Launches Sprinter Canned Vodka Soda Brand


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Kylie Jenner is adding another product to her list of entrepreneurial endeavors with the launch of Sprinter, a ready-to-drink vodka soda in a can. Blending premium vodka and sparkling water with real fruit juice, Sprinter launches this week with four flavors: grapefruit, lime, peach and black cherry.

For Jenner, whose namesake Kylie Cosmetics, led to her being named the “world’s youngest self-made billionaire,” Sprinter was a chance to expand her brand beyond fashion and beauty, while filling what she saw was a void in the RTD marketplace. “Sprinter is my answer to the growing consumer demand for quality canned cocktails,” Jenner says, adding that the 100-calorie, 4.5% ABV drink, “is also the best tasting vodka soda I’ve ever tried – and I’ve tried a lot.”

The 26-year-old Jenner says she was also looking to create a brand that reflected what she and her friends like to drink, and something that could easily travel from house parties to pool days and beach hangs alike. Case in point: the name “Sprinter” was inspired by the media mogul’s on-the-go lifestyle, with a press release explaining that “Sprinter represents fast-paced fun.”

Rolling Stone caught up with Jenner to talk about the inspiration behind Sprinter, the lessons she took from cosmetics to canned drinks, and how she’s using Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila not as competition, but as a playbook for success.

What inspired the launch of Sprinter and why did you choose to launch a canned beverage?

I wanted to make a vodka soda that was fresh, juicy, and bold, but also was in a can so it was the perfect drink you could enjoy in the park with friends, relaxing by the pool, or pregaming for a night out. Not only does Sprinter have unique, bright bold branding that captures the feeling of fun with your friends, it is also the most delicious vodka soda I’ve ever had. I am so proud of Sprinter – it’s my first company in the spirits space, and it’s been an incredible journey to develop it.

Why did you choose a vodka-based drink over other spirits?

I think everyone knows I love some tequila – 818, obviously – but I also love vodka. It’s smooth and it’s versatile. To me, a vodka soda is the perfect, refreshing light cocktail. And by blending premium vodka with real fruit juice and sparkling water, we were able to create the most refreshing vodka soda in a can.

Where do you like to serve Sprinter and what do you drink it with?

I can enjoy Sprinter anywhere. Sprinter tastes great with most things – I personally love to drink it in my backyard for an outdoor dinner. 

Travis Rathbone

How is launching a RTD product similar or different to launching Kylie Cosmetics?

Launching Sprinter was a similar experience to launching Kylie Cosmetics, in that I was creating something from the ground up that I would actually use in my daily life, and staying very close to each part of the business and creative process. I am always taking critical business lessons from my ventures. All the insights I have from my past experiences have been put towards making my brands like Sprinter even better and more attuned to what consumers really want. 

Who did you taste-test Sprinter with before your launch? What opinions did they give you?

I worked closely with Chandra [Richter, Sprinter’s Head of Product Development with a PhD in molecular biology] and together, we spent over a year perfecting the taste of Sprinter. In the last few months, I’ve been bringing it with me to friends’ houses and on trips, and swearing everyone to secrecy. People have been loving how refreshing and true-to-fruit the flavors are. They’ve been wanting to talk about Sprinter for a long time!

Kendall famously has tequila like you mentioned, and now you’re launching a vodka – are you two competitive?


Joining my sister in the spirits industry has been an amazing way for us to work together. Kendall has offered advice and shown me what it takes to create a successful spirits brand, and in a way, Sprinter is 818’s bubbly, juicy, and playful little sister!

Sprinter is now available nationwide at select stores and in an eight-can variety pack online at



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