‘Musicians on Musicians Latino’ with Myke Towers and Ovy on the Drums

IT’S GOOD TO be bold, which is why Rolling Stone and Jack Daniel’s have made their own bold move, partnering for the first ever Musicians on Musicians Latino series. The multi-part event is part of the larger Jack Daniel’s Presenta initiative, which over the last few years has not just celebrated the world of Latin music, but worked to elevate the voices of today’s Latin artists and bring them directly to fans and enthusiasts.

Now, through a unique expansion of Rolling Stone’s iconic Musicians on Musicians series, the two historic brands are uniting through a shared passion for music — and its power to inspire, connect, and enrich lives.

“Jack’s Sunrise,” a custom Jack Daniel’s cocktail.


Hosted in New York City and moderated by Rolling Stone Senior Music Editor, Julyssa Lopez, the third and final installment of the first-ever Musicians on Musicians Latino series brought together rapper Myke Towers and DJ/producer, Ovy on the Drums, for a spirited evening that marked the culmination of the historic string of live event celebrating Latin music, in partnership with Jack Daniel’s.

The two artists, having previously collaborated on tracks like “Tendencia Global,” brought their mutual comradery before a live audience, slipping effortlessly into a discussion about their artistic visions. With their next shared work, an album titled Cassette 01, out now, the pair spoke enthusiastically about why they choose to work together.

(L) Myke Towers; (R) Ovy on the Drums


Ovy discussed Towers’ strength as a collaborator, saying, “It was really fun and easy to create Cassette 01. With some artists, you’ll play a beat and they’ll say, ‘Give me a different beat,’ or, ‘Find something else.’ But with Myke, I’ll play a beat and he’ll say, ‘That’s awesome! Leave that beat on. Let’s do this, let’s go!’”

The feeling was mutual, with Towers responding, “When you go into the studio with a high caliber artist, you know that you’re going to give the best of you. I know that if Ovy chooses a beat that he wants to show me, he’s not going to show me a track that’s been collecting dust. It’s going to be something great.”

Ovy on the Drums bringing Musicians on Musicians Latino to a close with a DJ set.


As their exchange drew to a close, Tower’s admitted that although he previously called Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey his favorite type of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, he’d recently converted to Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple, drawing excitement from Ovy, who shouted, “The apple one!”

The duo then shared a Jack Daniel’s toast with their evening’s moderator and the crowd, before Towers’ gave the reins to Ovy, who would go on to perform a kinetic DJ set that brought the crowd to their feet well into the night.

The crowd of Latin music fans tearing up the dancefloor to Ovy’s set.

Dennis Manuel

To see more of the Musicians on Musicians Latino conversation between Myke Towers and Ovy on the Drums, check out the full video here.

For more stories from Musicians on Musicians Latino, check out previous features, hosted by Myke Towers in conversation with artists including Elena Rose and Luis R. Conriquez. Also, keep an eye out for more to come in the April 2024 issue of Rolling Stone magazine — all in collaboration with Jack Daniel’s.


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