Neil Patrick Harris’ Uncoupled Series Axed by Showtime Before Season 2



  • Showtime has canceled Neil Patrick Harris’
    , leaving fans disappointed and unresolved storylines hanging.
  • Season two was in pre-production phase, but industry strikes and re-development efforts led to its discontinuation.
  • Uncoupled’s
    characters faced compelling subplots that promised depth, making the cancellation even more disappointing.

Showtime has decided to cancel Neil Patrick Harris‘ comedy series, Uncoupled, before the production of its second season could commence. This decision comes as a surprise, especially considering that Showtime had previously rescued the show from oblivion after its initial cancellation by Netflix, as per Deadline.

Uncoupled debuted with a storyline that resonated with many viewers. Neil Patrick Harris portrayed Michael Lawson, a man blindsided by the sudden departure of his longtime partner, Colin McKenna, played by Tuc Watkins. The first season followed Michael as he navigated the complexities of single life in New York City, a narrative that was both humorous and heartwarming. With a respectable 73% critical score and 76% audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes, the show seemed poised for continued success.



Release Date
July 29, 2022

Netflix, Darren Star Productions, Jax Media, Jeffrey Richman Productions

The cancellation news is particularly disheartening given that the second season was well into its pre-production phase. According to reports, filming was scheduled to start in the summer of 2023, but was postponed due to industry-wide strikes. Showtime had put the show into re-development to align it more closely with its brand, but it appears that these efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. The recent merger of Showtime with Paramount+ adds another layer of complexity to the situation, possibly influencing the decision to discontinue the series.

Uncoupled Cancellation Leaves Unresolved Storylines and Disappointment

The abrupt end of Uncoupled leaves numerous narrative threads dangling. The first season concluded with a cliffhanger, as Colin returned to Michael’s apartment, expressing regret over his departure. This twist set the stage for a compelling second season, exploring whether Michael would reconcile with Colin or continue to embrace his newfound independence.

Harris’ Uncoupled featured engaging subplots involving Michael’s friends, each with their own unresolved issues. Suzanne (portrayed by Tisha Campbell) had just uncovered the identity of her son’s father, Stanley (Brooks Ashmanskas) revealed his breast cancer diagnosis, and Billy (Emerson Brooks) faced a potential personal transformation. These storylines promised depth and development in the upcoming season, making the cancellation all the more disappointing.


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The fate of Uncoupled is a stark reminder of the precarious nature of television series in the current media landscape. Despite its initial rescue and the promise of further exploration of its characters’ lives, the show’s journey has been cut short. Fans are left to ponder what could have been, as the potential for growth and resolution in Uncoupled remains unrealized. As the industry continues to evolve, the story of Uncoupled serves as a cautionary tale about the challenges faced by shows in finding and maintaining their place on the screen.



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