Physical 100 and The Devil’s Plan Are Perfect TV Companions on Netflix


  • Physical: 100
    The Devil’s Plan
    offer diverse competition formats that keep viewers engaged and entertained.
  • Both shows highlight contestants’ strengths and differences, inviting viewers to pick favorites and root for underdogs.
  • The respectful dynamic between contestants and addictive storytelling make
    Physical: 100
    The Devil’s Plan
    must-watch TV.

As part of their continued original programming of reality/competition TV shows, Netflix has found great success with South Korean-produced series. One of the most successful programs, Physical: 100, debuted in the number two spot on the platform and remained in the top five for a full week. However, another competitive TV show that is the brains to Physical: 100‘s brawn has flown slightly under the radar despite earning enough fanfare to get a second season, The Devil’s Plan.

Despite having different formats, these two shows make perfect companion pieces. We will examine the differences and similarities between Physical: 100 and The Devil’s Plan and explain why you should watch both.

The Format of Physical: 100 vs The Devil’s Plan

Physical: 100 takes 100 athletes from across South Korea in different fields of athletics or recognizable personalities; this results in an eclectic mix that includes everything from professional mountain climbers, dancers, track and field runners, and MMA fighters to bodybuilders. The number is then whittled down in the competition reality series, varying from simple endurance tasks like hanging from rafters to running on a treadmill to one-on-one tasks (keep away) to team exercises, such as loading and moving a ship across sandy terrain. The winner takes home approximately $230,000 in prize money (300 million won).


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The Devil’s Plan features 12 notable academics, specifically those with a public persona, whether on YouTube, as a broadcaster, or in a prominent societal position. Each contestant is given one “Piece” to start and can win or lose in each competition; pieces also give competitive advantages and can be traded among players. A player with no pieces is eliminated. There are quick and long challenges to raise the pot, which has the potential to go up to 500 million won (roughly 372,000 USD). Additional puzzles are outside the game area to be found as the contestants gather in their living quarters. Competitions can range from simple math games to a variant of ‘wink murder,’ which challenges allegiances and the contestant’s reasoning and probability skills.

Why Physical: 100 and The Devil’s Plan Are Perfect TV Companions

Although both South Korean competition/reality shows are different in multiple ways, from the action-heavy nature of Physical: 100, which focuses on feats of strength and endurance, to The Devil’s Plan’s more drama-driven narrative, which gives viewers a chance to become more familiar with the players, the two are still perfect companion pieces. This boils down to three main reasons you should be watching both TV series if you are a fan of one or the other.

Physical: 100 and The Devil’s Plan Invite Viewers to Weigh Contestants’ Strengths

Not all athletes are built the same, and not all academics thrive in every field. Part of the joy of each show is seeing the athletes’ strengths and weighing them as they head into challenges. This is more obvious in Physical: 100, with a weightlifter naturally not having the same stamina as a cross fitter, though the tables can turn in feats of raw strength. Compared to The Devil’s Plan, the greatest example came from contestant “Orbit,” a science YouTuber who stood out and became an early front-runner for his ability to evaluate and break down challenges; he was particularly good with probabilities and percentiles. However, he struggled with memory and math tasks, which others excelled over him.

Arguably, the biggest draw for each is weighing these strengths and welcoming audience participation. Having two people face off against each other in either a battle of physical prowess or intelligence creates an instant underdog, depending on the challenge faced. Not only can viewers place their bets on who they think will win, but they can also choose to cheer for the underdog.

Contestants in The Devil’s Plan and Physical: 100 Show Respect

Considering that natural advantages and disadvantages pop up in both shows, which the contestants will openly admit, boast about, or be humbled by, there is very little disrespect between contestants. With Physical: 100 bringing together some of the greatest athletes and notable ‘fit’ personalities in the South Korean media and The Devil’s Plan pushing the reasoning skills of academically gifted contestants, everyone sees the other’s strengths as admirable. While both shows are not ‘free of drama,’ the focus on celebrating strength is refreshing and heartwarming in the competition format that often pushes for confrontation.

Both Shows are Highly Addictive and Expertly Constructed Competitions

Certainly, cliffhangers have been a TV tool for decades, with episodes often ending on a note that will push viewers to tune in next week to learn what happened. Yet, this has also died down slightly as the switch to streaming does not rely as heavily on ensuring audiences plan their next week around the new show.

However, both Physical: 100 and The Devil’s Plan have mastered this, cutting out at the point where you ‘need to know’ what happens next and then starting the next episode with a quick conclusion to that question before moving on to the next point to keep viewers enthralled. At the same time, the show expertly weaves several sub-plots between contestants, ensuring there is always that push to keep on watching.

Physical: 100 and The Devil’s Plan are very stylistic in their approach to music, editing, and interviews, all of which are placed to keep the pace of the shows engaging. Despite being ‘brain vs. brawn’ when comparing the two, both can build a similar excitement thanks to how well they are constructed and how well each competition flows into the other while maintaining interest in the competitors.


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Where to Watch Physical: 100 and The Devil’s Plan

Physical: 100 was released on Netflix on January 24, 2023, and its second season, Physical:100 2 Underground, was released on March 19, 2024. The Devil’s Plan first aired on September 26, 2023, also on Netflix. In November 2023, Netflix announced they had renewed The Devil’s Plan for a second season due to fan response to the program, but a release date is not yet confirmed. Physical: 100 and The Devil’s Plan are available to stream on Netflix.


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