Prime Video’s New Bosch Spin-Off Casts Maggie Q as Another Michael Connelly Detective


  • Detective Renee Ballard to lead a new
    spin-off series, uncovering a conspiracy while running a cold-case unit at the LAPD.
  • Maggie Q is set to star in the untitled Ballard series as Bosch makes a supporting appearance, expanding the popular Amazon franchise.
  • Ballard & Bosch series to follow the successful
    Bosch Legacy
    , with the potential for multiple seasons based on Connelly’s novels.

Amazon MGM Studios’ Bosch universe is expanding in a second spin-off, with Maggie Q reportedly set to lead the untitled Renee Ballard series based on novels by Michael Connelly. This will be the first entry of the studio’s Connelly-based franchise to not be headlined by Titus Welliver as Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch.


Release Date
February 6, 2014


Amazon Studios

As per Deadline, the new series will bring Detective Renee Ballard to screen as she finds herself in charge of running the LAPD’s new cold-case unit. While attempting to clear down the city’s mountainous volume of unsolved crimes, she uncovers a conspiracy that will see her looking to the retired Detective Bosch for assistance.

The series, which will feature Welliver’s Bosch in a supporting role, acts as a follow-up to the original Bosch series and its sequel show, Bosch Legacy, both of which have been hugely successful for Amazon Studios. Ballard and Bosch have crossed paths several times in Connelly’s novels, with the former appearing in five novels, starting with 2017’s The Late Show, with a sixth book, The Witness, set for release in November 2024. This means that, just like the Bosch series, Ballard’s series could run for several seasons.

Maggie Q has a long list of credits to her name, including the Kiefer Sutherland-led Designated Survivor, and playing the lead in The CW’s Nikita series. Her film credits have included Mission: Impossible 3, Live Free or Die Hard, and The Family Plan with Mark Wahlberg.

Bosch stars Titus Welliver and Madison Lintz looking at each other
Prime Video

Some of the most popular TV series are based on crime novels, and Amazon’s Bosch is no exception. Debuting on Prime Video in 2014, Bosch ran for seven seasons and adapted many of Connelly’s novels, sometimes with one novel encompassing a whole season and other times combining two or more stories into one.

The series was well-received by fans of Connelly’s work, who praised the casting of Welliver as Bosch, and the faithfulness of the adaptations. The series became one of Prime Video’s longest running scripted shows by the time the final season aired in 2021. But that was not the end for Bosch.


Bosch: Legacy Cast and Character Guide

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Hot on the heels of that series, a spin-off series entitled Bosch: Legacy picked up the story with Bosch having left the LAPD and now working as a private investigator. The series, which is currently set to air its third season, debuted on IMDb TV (now Amazon Freevee) in 2022 and has continued to deliver the same kind of gripping police procedural action that has engaged crime fans for a decade.

The new Ballard series comes from the same production team that has been responsible for Bosch’s on-screen success, including author Connelly on board as executive producer. There has been no date currently set for the new series’ premiere, but it is likely to be sometime in 2025.


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