Russell Crowe Suggests The Pope’s Exorcist Might Expand into a Trilogy


  • The Pope’s Exorcist’s
    success paved the way for a possible sequel, or even a trilogy, opening up new avenues for storytelling.
  • Crowe’s enthusiasm and a wealth of source material from Father Gabriele Amorth’s books suggest exciting possibilities for potential sequels.
  • A stalled ambitious vision for a franchise due to studio changes hints at a future trilogy that could explore exorcism globally.

Russell Crowe has hinted 2023’s The Pope’s Exorcist might just be the beginning of a larger saga.

With a modest budget of $18 million, the movie managed to rake in over $77 million. The film’s box office performance prompted discussions of a sequel. However, Crowe, the star of the film, suggests that the future might hold even more than just one additional installment.

And remember, the man that’s based on, Gabriele Amorth, he wrote 12 books. So we have more than enough source material to do one or two more of those films.

During an interview with The Six O’Clock Show, Crowe shared some intriguing insights into the original plans for the franchise. This ambitious vision, however, has been temporarily stalled due to a change in leadership at the studio. Crowe said,

“Well that’s in discussion at the moment. The producers originally got the kick off from the studio not just for one sequel but for two. But there’s been a change of studio heads at the moment, so that’s going around in a few circles. But very definitely, man. We set that character up that you could take him out and put him into a lot of different circumstances.”

The Pope’s Exorcist

Release Date
April 7, 2023

2.0 Entertainment, Jesus & Mary, Loyola Productions

Despite this, Crowe remains hopeful, emphasizing the wealth of source material available for further exploration. “And remember, the man that’s based on, Gabriele Amorth, he wrote 12 books,” Crowe added. So we have more than enough source material to do one or two more of those films.” The film is based on the life of Gabriele Amorth, a real-life exorcist who penned 12 books, providing a rich narrative reservoir for potential sequels.

Watch Russell Crowe in The Pope’s Exorcist MovieWeb interview below:

The Pope’s Exorcist left audiences with a tantalizing setup for future films. The story concludes with the protagonist, Father Gabriele Amorth, discovering that the demonic presence he had been battling is just one of 100 around the world. This sets the stage for a broader, more global quest to combat evil, leaving the door wide open for sequels that could take the narrative in various directions.

The Pope’s Exorcist Trilogy: An Exciting Prospect for Horror Genre Fans

Crowe’s excitement for the project is clear, and he appears optimistic that progress will resume shortly. “That probably won’t be until next year,” he stated, offering a glimmer of hope to fans eager to see Father Amorth’s adventures continue on the big screen.

The possibility of a trilogy excites enthusiasts and reflects the increasing trend toward cinematic universes that enable more profound storytelling and character evolution. With a character as intriguing as Father Amorth and a backdrop as rich in mystery and suspense as exorcism, there is no doubt that ample material exists to support a series of films.


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The potential expansion of The Pope’s Exorcist into a trilogy serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of stories that delve into the supernatural and the eternal battle between good and evil. Although the future of the franchise is unclear, the potential for a trilogy presents an exciting prospect for horror fans.


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