Scream Directors Open Up on Their Franchise Exit After Melissa Barrera Firing


  • Radio Silence say they were phased out of
    Scream 7
    due to Spyglass Media’s desire for a faster turnaround than they could deliver.
  • The departure of Radio Silence led to Christopher Landon taking over as director, but he later left the project.
  • Despite their exit, the Radio Silence team created
    Scream VI
    with the intention of completing the story and focusing on a new trilogy.

Scream directors Radio Silence have spoken out about their departure from the horror franchise, which they said was all down to Spyglass Media wanting a quicker turnaround for Scream 7 than they could manage. Radio Silence duo Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin said they were phased out of the project, but, of course, that ended up being the least of the movie’s problems.

Scream 6

The sixth installment in the American meta-horror slasher franchise Scream.

Release Date
March 10, 2023

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New York. New rules.

The Scream franchise was sent into a frenzy following the firing of Melissa Barrera because of social media posts she shared regarding the Israel-Hamas war. Jenna Ortega departed the upcoming seventh installment the very next day, citing scheduling conflicts, and then Christopher Landon, who was assigned to direct the film following the departure of Radio Silence, left the project soon after.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the Radio Silence team intended to create a new trilogy focused on Barrera and Ortega’s sister duo of Sam and Tara Carpenter. This began with Scream in 2022 and continued with 2023’s Scream VI. They believed they could jump into their Universal Pictures monster movie Abigail before getting into Scream VII but, according to the directing team, Spyglass wanted to get moving on the seventh film faster than their schedules would allow. The indication wasn’t that they were fired or officially let go, it just appears that Spyglass went about finding a new director in hopes of fast-tracking the film, which resulted in the hiring of Landon as the movie’s director.

“We got exited. We’ll be sad that there’s not going to be an end to the Sam Carpenter story, but in our minds, we designed
Scream VI
so that the story feels complete.”

Radio Silence Spoke to Christopher Landon After He Left Scream VII

Christopher Landon Scream 7 Exit

Following the drama regarding the firing of Barrera and the exit of Ortega, Landon left the project and was pretty vocal about how his dream job quickly turned into a nightmare. Bettinelli-Olpin went on to say that he and Gillett reached out to Landon and “commiserated a little bit” but didn’t reveal details about their discussion. In the same article, Barrera spoke of Landon’s departure and wasn’t entirely sure why he left the production. The actress said, “I actually don’t know what happened. He was very excited about it, and he had great ideas for it, so it makes me sad.”


Scream 7 Star Melissa Barrera Shares Response to “Shocking” Firing and Jenna Ortega’s Departure

Scream 7 has been plagued with several issues, and former star Melissa Barrera has opened up about her exit from the franchise.

Scream VII is seemingly back on track with the news that Neve Campbell is returning to the role of Sidney Prescott. In addition to Campbell returning, franchise brainchild Kevin Williamson is on board to direct, while there are rumored returns for other Scream alumni, including Courteney Cox and Patrick Dempsey. Campbell accepting the offer for Scream VII has sparked a bit of a divide among Scream fans, who believe she should’ve stood in solidarity with Barrera following what they feel was an unjust firing, while other fans believe you can support Barrera and still be happy about Campbell returning to a franchise she has been a part of for over 25 years.

Scream (2022)
Scream VI
can currently be streamed on Paramount+


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