Terrifier 3 Casts Frequent Rob Zombie Collaborator as Santa Claus; First Image Released



  • Daniel Roebuck joins
    Terrifier 3
    as Santa, bringing a new twist to director Damien Leone’s gore-filled threequel.
  • Roebuck’s collaboration with director Rob Zombie adds credibility to his role.
  • Art the Clown’s return promises a disturbing journey, with hints of queasy scenes and a controversial opening sequence.

Frequent Rob Zombie collaborator Daniel Roebuck has joined the cast of Terrifier 3, in the role of none other than Santa Claus. The festive setting of the gore-laden threequel is allowing director Damien Leone to bring something different to his previous Terrifer movies, and that now includes a jolly old St Nick – at least until Art the Clown turns him into reindeer food.

Bloody Disgusting shared a first look at Roebuck in the role of Santa Claus as filming has wrapped on what promises to be one of the most disturbing entries in a franchise that has already delivered a brutal and disturbing legacy across its first two notorious movies, and previous Art featuring anthology features. Although there have been few details revealed about the plot of the new movie, several teases have come from Leone about how the story of Art will progress from his last outing.

Daniel Roebuck as Santa Claus laughing in Terrifier 3
Bloody Disgusting/Cineverse

From the promise of scenes that even caused Art the Clown himself, aka actor David Howard Thornton, to feel queasy, and an opening sequence that could be one of the most controversial of the entire franchise, fans of the Terrifier movies are counting down the days until Art the Clown returns to wreck merry havoc in a Christmas setting.

Daniel Roebuck is No Stranger to Horror

Daniel Roebuck wearing glasses with a moustache
Dimension Films

The Terrifier franchise is one of the most raw and horrific offerings to have hit cinemas in years, harking back to the gritty, dark and nasty horror movies of the 1980s. In Terrifier 3, Thornton will be once again donning the guise of Art the Clown, and will be reunited with past stars of the franchise Lauren LaVera, Elliot Fullam, and Samantha Scaffidi, as well as wrestling star Chris Jericho. The addition of Roebuck to this cast is yet another sign of the increasing belief in the Terrifier franchise, having enlisted an actor with over 200 credits to his name, including many with musican-turned-director Rob Zombie.


Terrifier: Why Art the Clown Has Failed to Reach the Heights of Pennywise

Even though the Terrifier franchise is picking up steam with a third installment, Art the Clown has failed to reach the popularity of Pennywise.

Roebuck recently played the role of Grandpa Munster in Zombie’s remake of the classic comedy TV series. That movie itself was something of a break in tradition for the filmmaker, delivering a PG-13 film that did not fall into his usual gore-loving horror arena. However, Roebuck has previously collaborated with Zombie on numerous adult-only projects such as The Devil’s Rejects, The Lords of Salem, Halloween and Halloween II, so he has plenty of experience dealing with dark and disturbing narratives. In Terrifier 3, that is certainly something which will be coming in abundance.

How exactly Roebuck’s Santa will feature in the movie is yet to be revealed, but the first teaser for the film saw Art dressed in a Santa suit, delivering presents to a young girl who may not make it beyond the end of the scene. It is probably safe to assume that Roebuck’s take on the jolly old soul is not going to have much luck in staying alive throughout the movie, as what would a Terrifier movie set at Christmas be without Art the Clown going to town on the biggest icon of the season.

All will be revealed when
Terrifier 3
arrives in theaters on October 25, 2024.



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