The Cast of Monk: Where They Are Today



  • Tony Shalhoub won a Tony and Emmy Awards post-Monk, with various voice roles and a new movie role.
  • Traylor Howard also had roles post-Monk, focusing on voice work and family, while juggling acting.
  • Despite success, Stanley Kamel passed away during Monk, leaving a legacy in theaters and TV. Monk movie featured the original cast reunited.

In 2002, USA Network premiered the series Monk, an American mystery-comedy-drama television from Andy Breckman. Tony Shalhoub played Adrian Monk, a detective with OCD who solved crimes in San Francisco. The cast also included Jason Gray-Stanford, Ted Levine, Traylor Howard, Stanley Kamel, Bitty Schram, Emmy Clarke, and Hector Elizondo. Monk ran for seven seasons from 2002 to 2009 is a police procedural series with some emotional and comedic undertones in its examination of the personal affairs of the principal characters. It was a big hit for USA Network and launched an entire era of television for them that included popular series like Psych, Burn Notice, White Collar, and Suits.

Now, with the release of Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie, a Monk reunion film that picked up after the series’ conclusion and premiered on Peacock on December 8, 2023, many of the original cast members returned to their roles. Despite having ended 14 years prior, fans were excited to see their favorite characters return and be played by some of the most beloved actors working today. But the question still stands: what were these distinguished actors up to between the conclusion of the series and their decision to choose to reprise their roles in the Monk movie?

Updated Mar. 3, 2024: This article has been updated following the release of Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie on Peacock.



Release Date
July 12, 2002


Tony Shalhoub

Some of Tony Shalhoub‘s more notable achievements since the conclusion of Monk include winning the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for his performance in the Broadway production of The Band’s Visit and earning his fourth Emmy Award for his supporting role as Professor Abe Weissman in the Prime Video comedyThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Shalhoub’s other recent projects include appearances in the movies Linoleum and Flaming Hot, and a prominent role as U.S. Senator Red Wheatus on the political comedy TV series BrainDead.

He also provided voices for characters in the animated movie Rumble, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films, and the Cars franchise. In addition to reprising his role as Adrian Monk in the aforementioned Monk reunion movie, Shalhoub will also play Carlos Ghosn, the former CEO of Nissan and Renault who eluded capture by hiding himself in a music container, in the upcoming movie Fall of the God of Cars.

Traylor Howard

Traylor Howard started her acting career very young, with her first credit being a TV commercial when she was in middle school. In the late ’90s, she joined the cast of Boston Common as Joy Byrnes, and that was when her career took off. She also worked with Ryan Reynolds in the sitcom Two Guys and a Girl. She has had a few roles since Monk ended, including those in the TV film Nolan Knows Best and a guest appearance in the show Peacock Presents: The At-Home Variety Show Featuring Seth MacFarlane.

She also provided voice work for the 2010 and 2016 animated shorts Simon Says Let’s Stop Climate Change! and Simon Says Save the Climate! According to a 2014 Atlanta Journal-Constitution feature, Howard and her architect husband, Jarel Portman, are busy raising their son, Julien. Of course, no one could pass up the chance to have her in Monk once more this year.

Jason Gray-Stanford

Jason Gray-Stanford has appeared as a guest star on a number of television programs since his role in Monk, including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, The X-Files, iZombie, and The Boys. After being diagnosed with heart failure in 2020, he underwent a heart transplant. He later claimed in an essay for Today (via Yahoo) that, without the operation, he would have only had a few weeks to live. Before his time on the show, he appeared in the movies A Beautiful Mind and Mystery, Alaska, and voiced Sherlock Holmes in the animated series Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.

He made two on-screen appearances in 2022: in the movie Cruel Instruction and an episode of FBI: Most Wanted. In addition to playing Maron in Disney’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians television series, he, of course, also reprised his Monk role in the reunion film.

Ted Levine

Ted Levine started his career in theaters in Chicago and gradually rose to prominence until, in the ’80s, he got his first big role in television. It was with the role of Frank Holman in NBC’s Crime Story. In movies, his most notable credits are Silence of the Lambs from 1991, and his work with Al Pacino in the movie Heat. Some of his most important work after Monk includes playing Lt. Hank Wade in the police drama The Bridge, retired police chief Thomas F. Bynes in the historical drama The Alienist, cult leader Obie Garbeau II in the comedy On Becoming a Godin Central Florida, and ranch owner Horst Klensasser in the crime drama Big Sky.

He also appeared in the movie Starbright and as a guest star on an episode of Tiny Beautiful Things in 2023. He went back to play Leland Stottlemeyer in Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie.


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Hector Elizondo

At the time he was working in Monk, Hector Elizondo had an important role alongside Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries movies. He played Joe, Queen Clarisse’s closest advisor and eventual love interest. Hathaway has said numerous times that both she and Andrews want to work on a third installment, so there is a chance he might reprise his role. After Monk, the actor went on to voice characters in a large number of movies and television shows, including Thundercats, The Legend of Korra, Dora the Explorer, and The Lego Batman Movie.

Additionally, he appeared in a number of movies and TV episodes, including Valentine’s Day, Grey’s Anatomy, Guess Who Died, Last Man Standing, and B Positive. In an episode of the animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Elizondo provided the voice of Romar Adell in 2023. The actor reprised his role as a psychiatrist for Monk in the aforementioned Monk reunion movie, in addition to appearing in the Max & Me animated historical production.

Stanley Kamel

Partway into Monk’s run, Stanley Kamel suffered a heart attack, which tragically resulted in his death at the age of 65. While Monk was a big part of his career, the actor was hugely successful long before the show. He was well recognized for his recurring parts on Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, and Days of Our Lives. In the ’80s, he appeared in the movies Making Love and Star 80, then worked in horror movies like Dead Men Don’t Die and Ravager. He is greatly missed in the entertainment world.


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Bitty Schram

After Bitty Schram‘s three-season stint on Monk came to an end, she faded from public view. Her notable performances prior to the show include Marvin’s Room, One Fine Day, and A League of Their Own. Other than reprising her role in Monk once in 2009, Schram only has one other acting credit following the series: a brief role in the 2016 film Moments of Clarity. Sadly, although she returned to the show as a guest after her departure, she did not appear in Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie. Everything seems to point out to her choosing to live a private life, at least for the moment. She does appear, however, in archival footage in the movie.

Emmy Clarke

Actress Emmy Clarke continued to work after her time on Monk, appearing in a number of projects, including the television movie The Line, the feature film Apartment Troubles, the short Capture the Flag, and the show The Strange Adventures of Gravemind the Warlock. After Monk concluded, Clarke, who now works as a team lead of client solutions for TikTok, obtained a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies.

Tim Bagley

Tim Bagley played a supporting character called Harold, a patient who continuously antagonized Monk. The two of them eventually sort out their differences and become friends, but their disagreements are undoubtedly compelling. Bagley, who made his debut in 1992 with a small part in Mistress, would go on to amass a huge filmography, appearing in such films as Knocked Up and Imperfect Skies. His most recent film appearances include Only Humans and Howdy, Neighbor!

Besides his time on Monk, Bagley had an expansive career in TV before appearing as Hank in the Hit Show. After Monk, he worked alongside Lisa Kudrow on Web Therapy, had guest appearances in great shows like Glee, New Girl, Mom, Roseanne, Mr. Robsinon, and many more, and of course, had a memorable character in Grace & Frankie. He played the director of a theater company for LGBTQ+ people in Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s iconic show.


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Melora Hardin

Melora Hardin, though not a main character, plays an instrumental role in the Monk plot. She portrayed Trudy Monk, the detective’s late wife, and the mystery surrounding her death is a crucial arc throughout the series. Hardin returned to play Trudy’s ghost in Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie, and fans were thrilled to see her. She’s an incredibly prolific actress, starring in recent films like Golden Vanity, Clock, and Cruel Hearts. In her television roles, Melora Hardin had an important role in The Office, got an Emmy nomination for her recurring role in Transparent, and guest-starred in several shows such as Celebrity Family Feud, The Blacklist, and C.S.I Miami.

Monk andMr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie are streaming on Peacock.



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