What Happens to Eddie at the End of The Gentlemen Season 1?


  • Young noble Eddie Horniman uncovers dark family secrets in high-action drama series, “The Gentlemen”.
  • Hidden marijuana farm, crime syndicate partnerships, and intense family drama drive the plot forward.
  • Eddie’s transformation from unaware elite to deep within the criminal underworld keeps viewers hooked.

Imagine this scenario: your father is a noble person of high rank somewhere in England. Every year, he somehow acquires more wealth for your family than you could ever imagine, but you turn a blind eye to the matter because of your dedication to the country’s army. If this wasn’t all fantastical enough, now add to that a more negative spin to the entire story that has just been drawn up. Unfortunately, you are forced to go back home because the man presiding over the estate (your dad) is in ailing health, on his deathbed, and meets his demise shortly after you arrive.

But that’s not all. From some distance, a strange lady presides over the funeral and, after meeting her, you discover that your father was in a secret partnership with a crime syndicate that was running a massive marijuana plant underneath your property. It’s certainly a lot to take in, but at least for British actor Theo James’ Eddie Horniman in the new Netflix series The Gentlemen, the younger brother takes it all in stride.

Releasing on March 7th, 2024, and now available on Netflix, the eight-episode first season directed by Guy Ritchie is actually a spin-off of his 2019 film of the same name. While the latter starred Matthew McConaughey in the main role as Michael “Mickey” Pearson, a rich and extravagant drug lord, the new series follows someone who is made to come from the opposite perspective. While Eddie (and his family) do have a lot of money, he is undoubtedly shocked and perplexed once he finds out where it comes from. Not only that, but he has to quickly steer his family away from all sorts of danger once all sorts of formidable and intimidating characters come knocking for money owed (or the estate, itself — we’re talking 15,000 acres).

Problems for the Horniman Family

The Gentlemen

Release Date
March 7, 2024

Guy Ritchie


The Gentlemen starts off with a bang when Eddie’s brother Freddy (played by Daniel Ings) crazily kills a ruthless drug dealer named Tommy Dixon after the man cruelly makes him act like a chicken in order to help pay a massive debt. Unbeknownst to Eddie at the time, Dixon’s assistant, a young man named Jethro, is also killed due to him being a loose end. With these deaths coming back to haunt them and the ones who own the marijuana farm having ulterior intentions for the new Duke of Halstead, what kind of fate was in store for our main character?

Throughout the eight episodes, the audience not only comes to learn about the Horniman family, the various characters that surround the clan (like Giancarlo Esposito as Stanley Johnston, who wants to purchase the territory, and Vinnie Jones as Geoffrey Seacombe as the official groundskeeper), but also undoubtedly more about the intimate ranks within the Glass family. Susie Glass is the daughter and the de facto leader.

That is because Robert Glass (Susie’s father) is incarcerated but does everything he can to guide Susie in the right direction. That doesn’t always go to plan, of course, because after seeing her brother go from the boxing ring to a hospital coma — and learning it was all planned — the young woman goes on an unmitigated killing spree for revenge.

A War at Eddie’s Front Door

While Eddie and Freddy are busy trying to gather the list of neighbors that also had similar business ventures to their father, for Johnston (who claims that this will free them from the Glass family’s illegal doings once and for all), Susie gets a call from Henry Collins, the corrupt boxing promoter who wanted to end her brother’s life.

After confronting him with a gun to his head, he reveals the new deal that Eddie has with Johnston (which will end her run at the Halstead estate). In turn, she tells John Dixon (the brother of the now-deceased Tommy Dixon) that Freddy was the one who killed his brother. With that thought in his mind, the small army that encompasses the Dixon clan shows up at the Hornimans’ home ready for war.

With Freddy suddenly having a change of heart and wanting to repent for everything he has done wrong up to this point, he escapes Eddie’s grasp and opens the front door. The Dixons are gone. It turns out that Susie’s father made a lucrative deal with John “The Gospel” Dixon in order for them to leave the premises. Eddie and the rest of his family and friends are still alive after this very brief but very tense showdown.

Bobby then reveals to both Eddie and Susie that he wants out of this game once and for all and is willing to sell to the highest bidder. Even though they coax them into thinking they all have opportunities, Stanley Johnston, Mercy Moreno, and Sticky Pete all meet an otherwise distasteful demise either by walking into traps or killing each other for a better seat at the bidding table.


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What Happens to Eddie?

Back at his manor, Eddie has a conversation with his frantic brother, who actually thinks that they should stay in the drug dealing game given their newfound expertise in expanding the Glass’ secret company as well as cultivating new plant strains. With the help of the other twelve families who are already knee-deep in the scheme, the Travellers who tried to swipe their generators early in The Gentlemen, and a ten million loan from his mother, Eddie is still fifteen million dollars short. He has to resort to Collins and discreetly offers the deceptive individual a shared ownership in trade for the money he needs.

With the funds in order, he and Susie head back to the big Glass man, who reveals that this was all a test. He states that they were never actually going to buy the illegal enterprise but invest in it and make it stronger than it’s ever become. Edward “Eddie” Horniman is now not out of the game, but deeper into the business than ever before. Funnily enough, we see Bobby Glass and Stanley Johnston having dinner together, three months later, very unbothered by the fact that they are in prison. There has been no confirmation on a potential second season of The Gentlemen, but with its great performance so far, we can only hope.

The first eight episodes of The Gentlemen are now available to stream on Netflix.


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