Feid at Madison Square Garden: Ferxxocalipsis Review


Just before Colombian superstar Feid took the stage at Madison Square Garden, the audience was crawling with mini-Feids, ready to be taken to their leader. Guys completely dressed the part, donning Feid‘s signature white T-shirt, white sunglasses, and backwards cap. Girls, meanwhile, showed up in Nineties-core, channeling the spirit of Feid’s recent projects, which have been inspired by everything from early hip hop to Are You Afraid of the Dark?

So much of Feid’s appeal has been his specific, idiosyncratic personal brand — the uniform, the neon green colors splashed all over his albums — and a sense of humor that follows all his work. It’s helped build him a massive fanbase, primarily Gen-Z reggaeton lovers, fascinated by his easygoing, upbeat sound. The contingent that made it to his sold-out MSG show as part of his Ferxxocalipsis tour lost their minds the second he stepped onstage, standing in a massive green structure that extended out into the crowd. As Feid launched into songs like “Alakran” and “50 Palos,” all from his latest 10-song release Ferxxocalipsis, he raced around the set-up, doing massive laps and singing directly to the crowd.

Throughout much of the night, Feid performed with a gigantic grin plastered on his face, thanking fans and dropping a few of his favorite Colombian slang words-turned-Feid-catchphrases like, “Hey mor.” A band onstage added some edge to the performance; one musician let out Mad Max-style fire blasts from his guitar as the rest of the stage occasionally erupted into flames. But the main vibe was feel-good energy, driven by Feid’s charisma and good-naturedness. At one point, he slipped on a flag that a fan had thrown onstage; somehow the moment barely registered as he laughed it off and kept jumping around the stage.

Toward the middle of the show, Feid started ramping up the surprises: Newcomer Maisak popped out and joined Feid for a few stripped-back acoustic songs, which they performed on a raised platform that soared up toward the ceiling. Later, the audience broke into a seismic roar when reggaeton veteran Yandel dropped by so that he and Feid could perform their recent hit “Brickell,” plus their collaborations “Yandel 150” and “Fecha.” To make the Yandel appearance even better, the Puerto Rican artist decided to throw in a medley of some of his best tracks of all time, including old-school classics from his Wisin Y Yandel days. Fans screamed along to “Rakata” and “Sexy Movimiento” before Yandel left the stage to gigantic applause.


Then, another standout moment happened: Puerto Rico’s breakout rapper Young Miko came onboard to sing two recent smashes with Feid — the Ferxxocalipsis standout “Classy 101” and the slinky collab “offline,” from Miko’s new album att. Just after Miko left, Feid had the audience in the palm of his hands again, and used the energy to close out the show with a blast of excitement, signing off with “Luna” — and reminding everyone why he’s one of Latin music’s most likable stars.



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