Hawk Tuah Girl Hailey Welch Close to Signing Reality TV Deal



  • Hailey Welch, known for her viral phrase “Hawk Tuah,” is in talks for a reality TV show.
  • Welch has a manager, lawyers, and a PR firm negotiating appearance fees over $25,000.
  • She has trademarked “Hawk Tuah” and launched an online store with merchandise.

Hailey Welch, the girl who has quickly become an overnight sensation for uttering the words, “Hawk Tuah,” is apparently in talks to star in her own reality TV show. Welch became a viral hit back in June 2024 after a video clip made its way online showing the 21-year-old Tennessee native being interviewed with her friend, Chelsea Bradford, on Tim & Dee TV during CMA Fest in Nashville. Uttering the infamous words that have since spawned a plethora of internet memes, Welch is looking to turn her newfound fame into an entire empire.

As per TMZ, Welch is apparently fielding a number of offers to star in her own reality TV show based on her life in Tennessee, and is close to striking a deal. Before becoming a viral sensation, Welch worked at a bed spring factory in Belfast, TN, a job which she has since quit in favor of living a more lucrative life. Now the internet sensation has a manager, lawyers, and a PR firm who negotiate appearance fees for the young woman, which are in excess of $25,000 based on reports.


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It all started back in June when Welch was out with her friend for a bit of fun during CMA Fest 2024 in downtown Nashville. She was approached by Tim & Dee TV, a YouTube channel which regularly conducts interviews on the street with random strangers. When she was asked, “What’s the one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?” Welch responded in a way that made the internet go crazy, including uttering the words “Hawk Tuah,” a phrase she is now in the process of trademarking. Check out the video below.

Hailey Welch’s Life Has Been Forever Changed by “Hawk Tuah”

“I’m So Grateful for This Blessing.”

Whether Hailey Welch manages to parlay her fame into a venture that lasts remains to be seen. The internet is notorious for making people famous, turning them into memes, and then discarding them when the next viral sensation comes along. Regardless of where Welch lands in all this, there’s no denying that her life has been forever changed thanks to the words, “Hawk Tuah.”

In a clip posted to her Instagram account, Welch – who had no social media presence before going viral – told her one million followers how life is different these days. She got to sing in front of 80,000 people at a Zach Bryan concert despite not being able “to sing for s*it,” she no longer has to eat Taco Bell after quitting her job (but she will anyway), and now she’s “not allowed to look like Adam Sandler anymore.”

With that being said, however, Welch knows how lucky she is to be experiencing this brand-new life. Living with her grandmother in a town of just 788 people, she calls it a “blessing,” and doesn’t take anything for granted. In a statement posted on her Instagram, she thanked everyone for laughing with her, and not at her.

“3 weeks ago
my life was totally different
…I was working a humble 9-5 in my hometown. No talk shows or paparazzi were looking for me and
no celebrities were reaching out
to collab.
I was just Haliey
. I never could’ve dreamed that making a silly little joke would lead to all of this
but I’m so grateful for this blessing
. I’m also grateful for all of you,
yall laughed WITH me and not AT me
. I can’t thank yall enough….lets see what happens next.”


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As of now, Welch is still exploring the possibilities of a reality TV series, so nothing has been set in motion just yet. While she’s said that she has no interest in pursuing an OnlyFans account, Welch did launch her own online store which has a plethora of merchandise available should you want to show your support for the internet’s newest darling.



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