Cillian Murphy Takes on Union Politics and Murder in Blood Runs Coal


  • Cillian Murphy to star and produce in gritty film about union politics and murder in
    Blood Runs Coal
  • Murphy’s new project delves into corruption within coal industry and the tragic murder of union organizer.
  • Screenplay by Butterworth duo promises gripping tale of power, greed, and fight for justice in the coal industry.

Cillian Murph is set to explore the gritty world of union politics and murder in his latest project, Blood Runs Coal. The film, produced by Universal, is an adaptation of Mark A. Bradley’s non-fiction book. It delves into the 1969 murder of mining union organizer Joseph “Jock” Yablonski and the subsequent investigation that exposed corruption within the coal industry, as per Variety.

Murphy, fresh off his Oscar win for his portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer, is not only starring in Blood Runs Coal but also taking on the role of producer alongside John Davis, Jordan Davis, and Alan Moloney. The project marks another venture into the non-fiction space for Murphy, who seems drawn to stories rooted in real events and complex characters.

The film’s narrative centers around the tragic murder of Yablonski, who was a vocal critic of the corrupt union leadership. Yablonski’s assassination, along with that of his wife and daughter, sparked a lengthy investigation that revealed the dark underbelly of the coal industry and its union politics. The story is a compelling exploration of power, greed, and the fight for justice.


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The screenplay for Blood Runs Coal will be adapted by the talented duo Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth, known for their work on Edge of Tomorrow and Ford V Ferrari. Their involvement promises a gripping and well-crafted script that will bring the harrowing tale to life on the big screen.

Murphy Returns as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders Movie Sequel

Murphy is also set to reprise his iconic role as Tommy Shelby in the upcoming Peaky Blinders movie. The film will continue the story of the notorious gang leader, following the conclusion of the popular TV series. Murphy’s return to the character has been highly anticipated by fans, and the movie is expected to delve deeper into Tommy Shelby’s complex world. Steven Knight, writer and director, revealed:

“The film, I know exactly what it’s about. And I know what two stories it’s going to tell. How the story will unfold, I don’t know. What will happen after that, I want that to depend on the film. For all we know somebody is going to pop out – I think I know who it’s going to be.

In series six we’re bringing in the new generation, and they are going to be part of what happens in the film. I think it’s finding those actors that you just watch and you think, there you go. There’s the future.”

Murphy’s upcoming projects showcase his versatility as an actor and his ability to tackle a wide range of roles. From a gang leader in Peaky Blinders to a scientist in Oppenheimer, and now a union organizer in Blood Runs Coal, Murphy continues to captivate audiences with his performances.

As Blood Runs Coal and the Peaky Blinders movie move forward in production, fans of Murphy can look forward to seeing him bring these compelling stories to life. With his talent and dedication to his craft, Murphy is sure to deliver yet another memorable performance in Blood Runs Coal, shedding light on a dark chapter in American history.


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