‘Fortnite’ Heads to the Wasteland With ‘Fallout’ in New Chapter


“Fortnite” is headed for the desert. In its newest saga, out Friday, players can enter the unforgiving wasteland in a high-octane chapter called Wrecked.

A wicked sandstorm swept the island at the end of the last chapter, and with it came a crew of fearsome foes, the Wasteland Warriors.

Three key places of interest have been added to the map, each home to a powerful boss (with even more powerful vehicles and weapons). Redline Rig is a Nitro refinery run by The Machinist, the Wasteland Warriors’ master mechanic. Ringmaster Scarr holds court at the Nitrodrome, where he’s the master of ceremonies at a circus of car spectacle. Brutal Beachhead is the base of operations for the Wasteland Warriors, where players can find their master muscle Megalo Don.

Eliminating a Wasteland Warrior allows users to gain their modded car with infinite nitro, a medallion and a mythic weapon (The Machinist’s combat assault rifle, Ringmaster’s boom bolt or Megalo Don’s nitro fists).

Vehicle mods also return this season, allowing players to trick their rides with machine gun turrets, grenade launcher turrets, spiked bumpers, cow catchers, bulletproof tires and chonker off-road tires.

The world of “Fallout” also comes to “Fortnite” for the first time: users can unlock the iconic T-60 Battle Armor outfit in the Battle Pass, or slurp down a refreshing Nuka-Cola to restore health and shield over time. That’s not the only big collaboration coming to the Battle Pass — a wasteland version of X-Men’s Magneto also hits the game this season.

The “Fortnite” Wrecked season is playable until Aug. 16 at 2 a.m. ET.



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