Pepe Aguilar Drops ‘Que Llueva Tequila’ Album: Listen


“The songs reflect a clear evolution lyrically and musically in mariachi, at least in my mariachi, my world,” he tells Rolling Stone about Que Llueva Tequila

Pepe Aguilar stays true to his ranchera roots, but he’s still evolving. On Thursday night, the música mexicana legend released his new album Que Llueva Tequila, which he describes as a “little oasis” away from the Mexican music being made today.

“The songs reflect a clear evolution lyrically and musically in mariachi, at least in my mariachi, my world. They’re not your typical rancheras. They’re not your grandma’s rancheras, but also not your kids’ rancheras,” he tells Rolling Stone with a laugh. “It’s somewhere in between. I experimented in the production and the results are very good for me. I like what we made.”

Aguilar worked with producers such as Fernando D. Santiago, Juan Tucán Franco, and William Montez Fuentez, and also tapped songwriters Edgar Barrera and Pablo Preciado for the album that includes tracks such as “Hasta Que Me Duermo,” “Te Confirmo,” and “Cuestión de Tiempo.”

Aguilar says this was the “perfect moment” to release his ranchera LP, which he says differs vastly from the style of Mexican music being released these days. “Not that I think the music done right now is bad. It’s just different,” he says. “I was not going to go into that world because that’s not my world. I needed to remain loyal to my beliefs, thoughts, and sounds.”


“It’s not only about making money and being relevant economically but also about being happy as an artist,” he adds. “Paradoxically, when you do that, there is success in many forms. It could be commercial success, but that’s not the only one I’m looking for.”

Aguilar will follow the album with the continuation of his Jaripeo Hasta Los Huesos tour alongside his two musician children Ángela and Leonardo Aguilar. He’ll start the run of shows on June 29 at Dallas’ American Airlines Arena, before stopping in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Sacramento.



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