Kurt Sutter Begins Filming Netflix Western The Abandons with Lena Headey & Gillian Anderson



  • The Abandons
    dives into 1850s Oregon tensions, highlighting families battling a malevolent force for survival in a frontier setting.
  • Witness the transformation from virtue to vice on
    The Abandons
    , where lines between justice and retribution blur amid escalating violence.
  • Kurt Sutter’s star-studded cast for
    The Abandons
    includes Lena Headey, Gillian Anderson, Lucas Till, and Patton Oswalt reuniting with familiar faces in a gritty Western narrative.

Kurt Sutter‘s latest creation for Netflix, The Abandons, has officially kicked off production in Calgary. Recently released cast photos from Netflix tease the onset of filming for the series’ inaugural season. This new series introduces viewers to a narrative steeped in the harsh realities of 1850s Oregon, where diverse groups of families at society’s edge seek to carve out their destinies.

The Abandons presents a gritty exploration of survival amid a backdrop of escalating tension and conflict. The new Western series plot centers on outlier families who, while trying to fulfill their dreams on the frontier, encounter a malevolent force driven by greed. This force, representing wealth and power, is determined to usurp their lands. Banding together against this existential threat, these families, though disparate, forge a new bond, transforming into a unified clan prepared to defend their rights at any cost.

As they engage in this struggle, the lines between justice and retribution blur, creating a tumultuous environment where violence seems inevitable. The series explores the consequences of such violence and the eroding effects of buried secrets on familial bonds. The Abandon creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter expressed a particular intrigue with the evolution from virtue to vice, driven by the primal need to protect one’s kin.

I am fascinated by the metamorphosis of good into evil. What must transpire to drive the morally sound to become the dangerously corrupt. The Abandons explores those complex compromises through the most powerful human instinct — the love and protection of mothers.

Kurt Sutter’s The Abandons Features Star-Studded Cast

Kurt Sutter's The Abandons Cast on Netflix

Sutter’s The Abandons recently expanded its cast. The show has added ten recurring actors, including familiar faces from both television and film. Notably, Patton Oswalt, known for his role in A.P. Bio, and Michael Ornstein, a veteran of Sutter’s own Sons of Anarchy, are joining the ensemble. Alongside them, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers from Three Pines and Sarah Grace White from The Bastard Executioner will appear. The new additions also include Brían F. O’Byrne and Haig Sutherland.

The roles of these newly announced members remain undisclosed. The Abandons will see Sutter reuniting with several actors from his previous works. Ornstein, recognized for his memorable portrayal of Chucky Marstein in Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C., is set to collaborate once more with Sutter, alongside White and O’Byrne, both of whom featured in The Bastard Executioner.


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The Abandons will have Lucas Till, known from MacGyver, and Nick Robinson, who captivated audiences in Maid. They join Diana Silvers of Booksmart, Lamar Johnson from The Last of Us, Aisling Franciosi of The Nightingale, and Natalia del Riego, seen in Hail Mary, as series regulars.

Lucas Till steps into the rugged boots of Garret Van Ness, while Robinson portrays Elias Teller. Silvers takes on the role of Dahlia Teller, Johnson appears as Albert Mason, Franciosi embodies Trisha Van Ness, and Del Riego brings to life Lilla Belle. Leading the ensemble are Lena Heady and Gillian Anderson, playing Fiona Nolan and Constance Van Ness, respectively.



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