Netflix’s 3 Body Problem Creators Promise a Mind-Blowing Season 2



  • 3 Body Problem
    showrunners promise more ambitious storytelling in potential second season, confident in surpassing first season.
  • Series based on Liu Cixin’s renowned novel receives mixed reviews but displays daring adaptation and high potential.
  • High production costs and Netflix’s data-driven approach will impact fate of
    3 Body Problem
    , hopeful for renewal.

Netflix’s ambitious sci-fi series, 3 Body Problem, has generated a whirlwind of reactions. Despite the mixed reviews, a common thread among viewers is the anticipation for what comes next, especially after the season’s cliffhanger ending.

3 Body Problem

3 Body Problem

Release Date
March 21, 2024

Saamer Usmani with Shailene Woodley , Marlo Kelly , Jess Hong , Jovan Adepo , Rosalind Chao


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According to THR, the showrunners, David Benioff, Dan Weiss, and Alexander Woo, are already promising that a potential second season would surpass the first in terms of storytelling and scope. Benioff, in a nod to their Game of Thrones success, suggests that a crucial scene in the next season could cement the show’s success.

“At our first Comic-Con [for Game of Thrones] someone asked if we’re going to get a second season. I remember saying there’s a scene that would happen in season three — I didn’t even want to name it, but ‘RW, for people who know — if we can get there, I think we’re going to be OK.
And there’s a scene in the second season [of 3 Body Problem] that I feel is — it’s not the Judgment Day scene [in season one] — it’s one that happens in the second season … things wildly escape and there’s one scene, if we get to it, we’re golden — like when we got to the Red Wedding on Thrones.

3 Body Problem, adapted from Liu Cixin’s renowned novel, has divided critics, with reviews ranging from high praise to outright dismissal. Meanwhile, the audience is equally split, with some applauding the series’ daring adaptations and others longing for a more faithful rendition.

The trio of creators is optimistic about the future, citing Liu Cixin’s trilogy as a source of inspiration that only grows more compelling with each book. The narrative’s ambition escalates significantly in the second installment, setting high expectations for the series’ continuation.

Watch Netflix’s 3 Body Problem trailer below:

However, 3 Body Problem faces challenges, notably its substantial production costs, reported to be among Netflix’s highest for a scripted series. In an era where streaming services are increasingly scrutinous about renewals, the show’s budget and viewership metrics will be critical factors in its fate. Netflix’s decision-making process is famously data-driven, with factors like engagement and completion rates playing a significant role.

3 Body Problem debuted strongly on Netflix’s Top TV shows list and has the potential for growth through word-of-mouth, similar to past hits like Queen’s Gambit and Squid Game. The series stands out in the genre, receiving accolades for its blend of thought-provoking themes, visual spectacle, and emotional depth, setting it apart from other genre titles on the platform.

Showrunners Eye Four-Season Journey for 3 Body Problem

The involvement of Benioff and Weiss, who were signed in a substantial deal with Netflix, adds weight to the series’ prospects. Their track record and the show’s strategic importance to Netflix’s content lineup may sway the decision in favor of renewal.

Supporting the show’s chances is Netflix’s robust performance in the market, with a recent surge in subscriber growth and a recovering stock price. Additionally, the series has a champion in Peter Friedlander, Netflix’s head of scripted content, who has expressed a personal connection to the project and its ambitious storytelling.


Why Reviews for Netflix’s 3 Body Problem Are So Divided

Critics either love or hate Netflix’s adaptation of 3 Body Problem, but what is causing such a large division?

The showrunners are planning for a four-season arc, with a significant time jump anticipated in the second season. While the future of 3 Body Problem remains uncertain, the team is moving forward with optimism, ready to dive back into production should the green light be given.



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